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Posted on: December 16, 2006

supporting our Malaysian airline

here’s a tip when travelling with MAS airlines – always insist on a seat nearest to the exit. you’ll most likely get one right in the middle of the plane. go for aisle or window seats if you prefer. the good thing about these seats is that you usually end up having more leg room and when the airplane is experiencing some turbulence, the middle of the plane is the most stable part to be at, imo (in my opinion).

omg, leg room!

the flight i took was pleasant enough. i managed to strike up a conversation with Catherine Kok, a pretty flight attendant from Pahang. she has been with MAS for more than 3 years now, having travelled around the world (except zurich) and is going to be spending boxing day (26th december) in London. how cool is that?

ate here!

after spending half the day in KL doing some stuff, i ended up going for a birthday dinner with around 20 of my colleagues at the Royal China Restaurant located at Jalan Ampang. it is truly a grand place. during the food feasting, we took turns on the karaoke box for some hilarious entertainment. at first, there was a lot of reluctance in participation. however, after a few drinks, everyone was singing along to tracks such as “I Swear”, “Tell Laura I Love Her”, “My Heart Will Go On” and “Jingle Bells”. lol. funny stuff.

enjoy these mouth watering pictures of my meal:

royal china three dish combination

braised shark’s fin soup with crab meat

stuffed crispy boneless chicken with almond flakes

pattaya style pan fried cod fish

stewed chinese cabbage with dried scallop sauce

baked crystal prawns with salt and pepper

fried mee-hoon tai thong style

double boiled snow fungus with pear and red dates

sweet hong kong pastries

i didn’t know “mochi” came from hong kong. anyway, we had a cake ceremony for the birthday girl and the whole management came to sing happy birthday with us, including the chefs! it was so enjoyable that even after everyone else had left, our group was still there crooning along with the karaoke box.

after the excellent and fun dinner we decided to drop by the grand opening of Base, a new club in town for some head-banging. the music in there throb, pulse and otherwise thump in a way that’s guaranteed to induce hip gyration and bobbing heads.

birthday girl and funky colleague

two hours or so later, we went to Planet Hollywood to check out the scene there since it was ladies night. unfortunately, the place was so packed and stuffy that not after 15 minutes, the birthday girl and i decided to leave and call it a day.

fuyo~ cannot breath le…

some girls having fun on the podium

planet hollywood certified!

the next day for lunch, i went to this vietnamese place located at the foodcourt in BB Plaza. it is one of my favourite eating spots in KL. the lady owner remembers me fondly as i’ve been a faithful patron since 2002. too bad i can’t find a vietnamese restaurant as good as this one in Kuching. (fyi (for your info), Little Saigon in BDC sucks! their spring rolls are just…ugh! one bad experience is enough, never going there again. i’m glad someone else agrees with me.)

BB Plaza foodcourt

vietnamese is the way to go

salad noodle and spring rolls, yum!

right after lunch, i went to my favourite bookstore, Borders! in Berjaya TimeSquare and grab myself some reading material (even though i haven’t started on 3 other books i got the last time i was here). after that, i headed straight to the airport to catch my 2.00pm flight back to Kuching.

Borders is the best!

this time, no cute flight attendant to talk to as i was really engrossed in my new book. i do so love the smell of a new book, don’t you? hmm, need to file this revelation under things that make me happy :-)


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