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this little figurine has been my constant companion during my last week’s Macau trip! you must admit thought, having a cute figurine with a picture does make a difference. ^__^

well i went with AirAsia for this trip and having been too used to MAS all this while, i woke up to reality on what a low cost airline service was like. note to self – never ever for long distance travels.

in Macau, i met a lot of cool people…

and not to mention a couple of hotties too…

but not having a notebook or online connection with me to update facebook was painful…thus most of my updates had to be done after i got back.

all things considering, Macau was great! transport is by shuttle bus provided freely to most tourist destinations. else the local bus goes for 3.20HK per ride. taxi’s are abundant as well and is kind of like KL taxi rates.

the city is nice and clean (cleaner than KL anyway), lots to see and people are friendly.

speaking of food…

the food is expensive if you eat at the hotel food courts but otherwise “mamak” style outdoor stalls are pretty affordable ~ and delicious!

there’s MacD there as well for fast food lovers. and good news, it’s cheaper than KL!

pork burger!

green bean pie!

oh and if your ever thinking of going to Macau…




Posted on: September 8, 2010

OMG! I AM GOING MACAU! in two days. tick tock!

i’ve never been to macau of course, thus excuse the uncontainable excitement. it’s going to be a 5D4N (5 days 4 nights) trip and the best part is i’ll be going with a group of crazy fun people! definitely will take lots of photos ~ food, places, people! yay yay!

sings…i’ve packed my bags i’m ready to go…


Posted on: January 9, 2008

my first outing with parents to Boulevard last evening. Boulevard the shopping complex sure attracts a large crowd daily. even after a week or so since it’s opening, the place is still pretty packed. renovation is still ongoing thought. the place pretty much reminds me of a mini-Midvalley. however, the choice of clothing brands is pretty much a Parkson + Ngiu Kee fair. [rant] omg, so dissapointing. 3 floors of nothing much that you can’t find anywhere else in Kuching. [/rant]

the only thing going for it is Sushi King and perhaps Kenny Rogers. just that customers have to contend with a long waiting line to get in.

i did run into a cute sales promoter there thought. she was giving free biscuit samples to passerbys. i was looking for wasabi nuts. when i was under her radar, she offered her wares but i declined. i inquired if she knew where i could find wasabi nuts. she indicated perhaps two aisle away. what caught me really was her uppity sense of happy go lucky tone of voice. she spoke fluent mandarin and as i walked away, she said “sieh sieh!“. she had me at thank you.

the second run around was when i bumped into my mom, who coincidently bought two boxes of those biscuits she was promoting. my mom dragged me over to her to get my opinion. the girl looked at me expectantly as i took up one of her biscuits for a taste. there were two kinds – potatoe and wheat. i prefered wheat. she looked happy by that suggestion. perhaps she likes wheat too. as i stood there staring at her, i continued our conversation earlier on wasabi nuts. i told her i couldn’t find them two aisle away. she replied in her happy infectious tone that perhaps they’re not available. 1 second..2 second..eye contact, i thank her and walked away. sieh sieh! she said from behind my back.

the third time was when my dad was at the checkout. i was leaning back against the counter and spotted her at her same spot. there were no passerbys for her to entertain. she was looking my way. i smiled. she smiled back. i walked towards her. we strike up another conversation about nuts. when that topic was exhausted, i said to her that i enjoyed our conversation and jokingly said that i’ll see her again tommorrow. she replied that she won’t be here the next day unfortunately. i asked her how we can proceed from here and she offered me her phone number. the closeness we shared was comforting and upon receiving that piece of paper from her, i proceeded to give her a hug. she responded. i walked away.

end of story.

my experience at Boulevard wasn’t all bad after all. everything that happened was pretty much how it is…except the last part about the phone number and hug. so…yeah.

so i just got back with my family from Kuching Festival 2007. nothing has changed since the last year around. still a whole month event, still chocked full of stalls selling yummy food, still hiked up prices for everything, still have trouble finding a parking spot, still encounter problem with not having enough sitting areas…

but still we go regardless because it’s the place where kuchingnites get together-gether.

i go for the deep fried ice cream, roti tissue, countless yummy looking finger foods and to spend time with my family (the only time we go out together as a unit is when we plan to dine out). the deep fried ice cream has its price hiked up to rm1.70 (as opposed to rm1.50 last year) and looks darn smaller as well this time around. disappointing. the roti tissue, rm3.00 is made flat for easier to take away but still pretty good. i also brought a pack of dragon whisker sweets (rm3.00 for 8) as it’s been a long while since i last tried it.

there were a group of cosplayers from Final Fantasy and Naruto parading around the festival making little kids get excited. the most authentic one i saw was Kakashi-sensei from the Naruto anime. i think it’s due to the fact that the guy had a mask over his mouth and is quite tall, making him fit the description of the character.

it looks fun.

bing! coffee. nice ambiance. i dropped by today and ordered a beef lasagna with salad together with a cup of cappuccino to go. it’s for my colleague actually.

she enjoyed the lasagna, the cuppa was great too. unfortunately, we found a surprise in the salad.

a LIVE nettle caterpillar chewing away at her half-eaten veggie meal. mmm…real nice of the bing! guys to add some protein in at no extra charge.

fresh meat!

cream puff

Posted on: August 7, 2007

yummy cream puff from JD Bakery at RH Plaza, BDC. open Monday to Sunday 8.30am till 9.30pm. off on Friday.

a blur picture of a lonely puff about to be snacked on.

got myself 10 yummy puffs at 80 cents each. the puffs are small enough to be popped into your mouth. take a bite and taste the sinfully delicious cream within. it’s goooood. better than Beard Papa‘s which cost like rm3.30 each.

i was shocked to find out that the cost to assemble a watch is only rm0.70! do you realise all those branded imitation watches i.e. swatch and rolex, going for rm10 at Petaling Street is like 700% price hiked? scary!

also, a girl friend of mine haggled a leather prada bag down from rm120 to rm30 today. i got a feeling it might have been possible to go lower still. scary!

i notice that the SoftHard and MashiMaro brand t-shirts seems to be very popular with the locals here in KL. the design is simple, the colors vibrant, their selling point is being down-right dirt cheap (rm10-rm16). i’m tempted to get them myself but seeing them being worn everywhere by the young and old, i kinda prefer to avoid being seen in the same thing. but they’re really not bad…really.

so Petaling Street, a great place to shop and sharpen your haggling skillz. don’t be afraid to walk away. more often than not they’ll call you back.

oh, and watch out for pick-pockets. happy shopping!



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