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rofl!!! saw a friend of mine using this as their forum signature. i’ll never be able to see 300 the same again. but that’s a good thing. haha.


i’m a sucker for cute puppies…

don’t think i ever mentioned this before, i used to have 2 dogs – Benji and Shaggy. Shaggy had it’s tail removed (courtesy of my dad using a rubber band when she was just a pup) and thus made Benji my preferred companion (something about a dog wagging its tail brings much appeal). Benji died from food poisoning. Shaggy we let her go (out onto the streets of Kuching)…as she was all alone when Benji left this world.

so no pets now. still…maybe…one day. soon.

omg, Heroes season 2 is already airing. i just found out! yummy! *quickly goes off to find some download links ^__^

i’ve tons of unwatched animes safely burned and stored to my vast dvd collection. perhaps i’m saving them for when i’m old or something but my colleague recommended me to Honey & Clover, a poignant comedy drama that he watched long ago.

i spent my weekend digging up for the dvd and watched the first season of 24 episodes. it was like a breath of fresh air among all the mecha, fighting, super-powered animes being dished out today. it stands out like the anime, Beck or more profoundly Nana, which both really bring the meaning of having a good plot alive.

with the end of the first 24 episodes, i’m looking forward to watching their two anime “L” and “F” specials and following that, Honey & Clover II. for now at least, it’s time for a break from being glued to my computer for the whole day.

this anime is just too good. not everyone will enjoy it, but for those who love experiencing the slice of life of people just like you and me, it delivers and more.

for lunch today i had pork leg rice at A1 foodcourt, BDC area. i stumbled upon roti tisu here as well. been a long time since i had a decent tisu, and this really hit the spot. how many tisu makers are there in Kuching? the last one i know of was at cilipadi, but they don’t do them anymore. the only other time i could have tisu is during Kuching Fest…and that’s only in August.

so really, anyone else know of any good tisu spots in Kuching?

according to this transcript, J.K. Rowling reveals that Dumbledore is actually…..gay! OMG…what a shocker that is going to be to little readers around the world. i mean, it’s a fantasy book – yet it has touchy-feely elements that is too close to real life.

i don’t know, i would have preferred thought if Jo had used the word “admired” instead.

uggh…everytime i stop by my own blog, i look at it and feel a pang of sadness. reason being is i’ve been hit with the lazeenessvirusbug, maybe you heard of it? when you least expect it, it’ll jump out from behind a dark corner, pounce on you and proceed to pummel you to a lazy pulp. so i’m…trying…to…get…back up and gosh willing, get my groove back so to speak.

well the raya holidays has come and gone, it has been a great 3 days off from work. i had a family dinner outing at Hai Pa Wang restaurant (Jalan Padungan), a nice change from constantly eating at home. the food is normal, hasn’t change much, seems better a few years back. anyway, family agrees the place is boring now, and decided to try another eatery the next evening.

we ended up going to the restaurant in Grand Continental Hotel, seeing as my dad saw something about them promoting new dishes in the newspaper. i, actually wanted to go to the Thai restaurant at Lok Thian, oh well. anyways, it turned out to be pretty satisfactory – we had like 5 dishes…bill came up to only RM69. wow, that’s is really cheap considering the price would probably be around RM80+ at Hai Pa Wang. is the food any good? well, i’m pretty satisfied…my grandma was very happy with the meal as well – a big plus seeing as she is kinda choosy with her food. totally recommend a try. also saw them advertising their sunday dim sum servings…8 dish for RM11.80. gonna give it a try.

i’ve also watched a couple of movies in the last week (on dvd) – transformers, shrek the third, i now pronounce you chuck and larry. the last one is very hilarious. please don’t miss it. i’m also waiting for pirates of the caribbean 3 to come out on dvd. seems like the “very clear” version is not available yet.

i’m also looking forward to a couple of movies coming our way this year (or maybe next?) – dragon wars, iron man, hulk 2, batman, hitman. hmm, all i could think of right now.

well it’s already october, that’s like 2 months away till christmas. almost end of the year, chinese new year coming very soon. need to buy new clothes!!! feeling a bit apprehensive as the year end approaches, i’m predicting big changes coming my way…work related and maybe personal life as well. wish me luck.

need to apologize thought, i’ve been losing touch with blog friends, have not much energy to check out what’s going on in their lives, literally being swamped with deadlines and if not that, online gaming. it’s just a phase i’m sure. hopefully i’m not forgotten.

cheers! ^_^



u can regard everything here as fiction, or fanfiction (me being my own fan haha), or messed up ramblings from the deranged mind of a guy in his midlife crisis. whatever. comment as u see fit. the brainless ones go to /purgatory, not that i'm saying ur a zombie. then again seeing as i'm not getting much sleep lately, i probably am one. that said, u'll realise that u can't take legal action against a zombie. cause we've gots diplomatic immuniteh. rawr.

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