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i realize something about myself recently. i realize that i enjoy anime most when it pays attention deeply to characterization. forget about sword and sorcery, mindless slapstick comedy and the usual harem plots that is unrealistically forgettable.

the anime that gets the most praise would be those with strong developed characters which we can all relate to. that is Maria-sama ga miteru or translate it as Maria Watches Over Us. first off, it’s a yuri anime so it’s oriented to the girl crowd. however, the story is so rich that guys should not pass it up at all.

here’s a quick guise of the show, taken from it’s wiki:

Maria-sama ga Miteru’s story revolves around the students of the Lillian Catholic school for girls, and can be considered character-driven, focusing on interactions between the characters rather than any sort of ongoing plot or goal to attain. At Lillian Girls’ School, there is a tradition known as the sœur system (sœur being French for “sister”), in which a second, or third-year student, the grande sœur (“big sister”), will give her rosary to a junior student, the petite sœur (“little sister”), and promise to look after them and guide them.

the story centers more on the relationships between members of the Yamayurikai (student council) which consist of three offices name after roses, Rose Foetida, Rose Gigantea and Rose Chinensis. the ones who holds these positions are usually senior members elected by the students. each Rose may take a junior member under their wing. basically these student council members are representatives of the school and are idolized.

watching Maria-sama ga miteru puts me in a relax, often peaceful mood. it’s like sipping a hot cup of chocolate on a rainy day, listening to the pitter-patter of rain drops outside. any worries i might have become trivialities. it sort of feels like that.

the story is sweet, subtle…perfect. there is absolutely no evil in this show. all is good. you won’t ever get angry or upset from watching this. the show flows so naturally that you’ll end up smiling more often than not. and i’m enjoying this immensely.

simply put, this anime is just very elegant, pure and beautiful.



Posted on: April 18, 2008

Peach Girl

Posted on: April 16, 2008

arghh!!! so frustrating. the last time i watched a romance/drama this engrossing was with Marmalade Boy. but that series didn’t get me so emotionally riled up, and every now and then would subject myself to cursing at the idiocy and at times, down right nastiness the show is portraying to me.

irritating and frustrating is how i would describe Peach Girl. but-it-is-still-oh-so-very-good. it’s so good that i couldn’t stop myself from watching episode after episode to find out the agonizing conclusion to the love triangle of this show.

in this love triangle, there is a misunderstood girl, a loyal boyfriend, an interloper and a jealous bitch. cue the music and watch the mayhem unfold.

Momo-chan, a well tanned high schooler who is constantly being mistaken as a playgirl (due to her looks) is really an indecisive, unlucky and emotionally unstable girl when it comes down to picking the right guy. but the situations she gets into makes it hard to fault her as some if not most comes pretty close to realism. it can very well happen in real life and like real life, could have easily been solved with proper communication in the first place, rather that assumptions and blame. but nothing ever works out that way, does it.

Touji, the long time crush of Momo-chan, is a pretty quiet laid-back dependent guy. everything he does, he does them with the fine intention towards Momo’s well being, even if she does not realize this at first. even at the cost of hurting her and himself. how baka noble of him. he just oozes with secureness as a boyfriend and perhaps the best choice any girl could ask for. at least until someone comes along and disrupt the happy atmosphere.

Okayasu, the playful playboy, is the contrast to Touji. constantly flirting around, he’s the fun guy to hang out with. easy to fall for especially when the world is against you and he’s the only one who believes in you. well that’s how it starts anyway with Momo-chan. and then when you least expect it, he’ll touch you with his softer side, swaying you over to give him consideration for potential boyfriend material. is he dependable? that would be the question mark that Momo-chan faces with this guy.

then there is the girl best friend backstabber, Sae, who is just about as jealous, conniving, mischievous, scheming and down right bitch there ever can be to exist in a show. at times while watching, i wish i could reach out and strangle her, really. scarily enough, in reality people like these do exist and it’s pretty difficult to ignore or avoid them. Sae is pretty much the main instigator for most of the misunderstandings (although she is not the only one) and boy does she do the extra mile to get her way. she’s also the pretty and popular girl in school, and whenever Momo-chan get some boy attention, she’ll comes in and wreaks it. woe be to those who considers this one a best friend.

between the two guys Touji and Okayasu, they both carry their weight in gold. both has good intentions, both has good reasons for saying and doing what they do. there is no right guy here. as Misako (Okayasu’s first love) tells Momo-chan near the end of the series, choosing either guy will lead to a happy ending. ultimately, it is Momo’s decision as she come to terms with her feelings over the two.

now that i think about it as the show is over and done with, the ending would have been totally different if the jealous bitch equation was taken out of the love triangle. hmm… but then again, it wouldn’t have left me walking away with such a big impression of this show. so i guess it’s all good in the end.

is this worth watching? hell yeah, but be prepared to be emotionally invested in the 25 episode ride.

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Posted on: April 11, 2008

Inori no Uta ~ opening theme

i watch a lot of anime, most of them enjoyable but warrants not the effort to post a review on. then there are those that just inspire me to sit down and spend some thinking time to comprehend what the show is trying to convey. one such as Simoun, a peculiar 26 episode in length anime that is… how to describe it… beautiful and surprisingly good.

actually, i’m very surprised i enjoyed it at all, seeing as it was a yuri-oriented anime. what’s yuri you ask? well…




well yeah. girl on girl relationships. but don’t let that scare you away (unless you can’t stomach seeing girls kissing each other). i’ve nothing against it. really. actually, i find it kind of sexy. but then again, i wasn’t hoping much in terms of plot from an anime that is having girls doing the kissy kissy. but i was proven dead wrong. this anime carries it’s own weight plot wise and is every bit a satisfying watch.

here’s the guise of it. Simoun refers to these mysterious two-seater aircrafts piloted by priestesses called Sibyllae, which you can probably tell are those girls in the pictures above. mainly use for holy rituals, the Simouns was brought into play as weapons of mass destruction in the war against other nations striving to steal this technology. the story revolves around the priestesses in Chor Tempest, the most elite unit of Simoun pilots.

oh, not forgetting to mention that in this alternate universe, humans are all born female. at least till they reach the age of 19, whereby they will enter a sacred spring to choose a permanent sex after. so basically, these innocent priestesses are thrown into the harsh reality of war and from there, each one of them have to learn to deal with love and loss.

Simoun succeeds character development wise. this is not a show with a lot of gung-ho air battles nor is it some trip up love story either. it’s about a nation at war, where priestesses revered by the common folks are force to fight with sacred technologies, where everyone learns that when all is said and done, things may or may not stay the same but one thing is for sure, people will always change.

it’s wonderful seeing each character develop and come to terms with what lies ahead, watching their relationships blossom and their life altering decisions.

a serious anime at heart, a wonderful journey for the rest of us.

Utsukushikereba Sore de Ii ~ ending theme


Posted on: April 3, 2008

the dumbest thing i ever did was…

…to stick my hand into a meat grinder.


now there’s a visual for ya.


actually, the dumbest thing i ever did now that i think about it is to borrow $$$ out. one would think that if once bitten twice shy, i would’ve learn by now to decline politely if and when the issue should arise, meaning if i was approach for a monetary favor.

but in my case, i’ve been bitten not once, not twice, but three times already. i can only rationalize it as me being just too nice of a guy. my perception is constantly shattered because i trust people too easily at face value.

dumb. me. with a rm4,500 deficit.


TAK NAK! i should take a lesson from the smoking advertisements and billboards promoting that slogan.

given names

Posted on: April 1, 2008

i hate being called lou kung or to address a girl as lou po when in a relationship. it reminds me too much of those old yearly reincarnated cantonese movies like “All’s Well That Ends Well” and “Aces Go Places” where we get silly families falling into weird situations all in the name of comedy. the role playing father and mother usually are addressed as lou kung and lou po. i mean it’s not very smart to be associated in that regard i should think.

nowadays it seems trendy to imprint your significant other with names of fruits instead. don’t get me wrong, i did it as well what with pomelo and watermelon being in my list (due to favoritism of the fruit). but that’s embarrassing is it not. thinking back, there’s no reason why i should be stuck with an edible name in the first place.

i mean, i have a perfectly good name. we all do don’t we? a name our parents painstakingly came up with. although the last time (and most oftenest used period) that i could remember someone calling my true name is way back in high school, when attendance is taken or when i was addressed a question.

shifting forward to now, it is most likely i’m giving out my name instead during introductions, but then it’s rarely ever used back proper. on contrary, i’m pegged with either something different or my true name is recycled somehow. instead of Alex, i might be Lex, i could be akho, sometimes referred to as tauke, often not as simply eh but most times as peng yu or friend.

no, it’s not frustrating. it just seems kinda sad we don’t practice using first names more often. i guess it is kinda formal, but i feel it’s more intimate when used in a relationship. casual friends can call me whatever for all i care.

in a relationship, it’s like taking the other party seriously when you talk to them. in other words, expressing interest and concern by simply starting a sentence with the given name. when it comes down to it, it’s all about projecting a sense of respect (Ali G is da man) which in turn leads to better understanding and achieving intimacy.

equation wise: given name = respect = understanding = intimacy
which means given name = intimacy

so all you lovebirds out there, try it out. stick to using given names. you just might discover a more pleasant conversation between you’s involved in the relationship.

i know i will.



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