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Testimonials: Michael Ang

Posted on: September 17, 2010

I met Michael last year in 2009 and he had this peculiar skin condition which gives you this icky feeling if your standing close to him. Let’s just say he wasn’t exactly a chick magnet back then.

The before pictures were taken in the middle of 2009, Michael had been plagued with a serious skin condition since childbirth. He’s been taking medication since young, seen a number of specialist from Singapore and Melaka on this problem, even went for traditional Chinese remedies and took countless injections to try and cure his condition. Unfortunately, his skin problem got worst instead.

After July 2009, Michael started taking HERBALIFE and in a short 3 months time, his skin condition improved and as an additional bonus he lost 10kg. Michael is no longer on any medication and 6 months later his skin condition got a lot better. Due to his amazing result, Michael’s family is taking HERBALIFE for health!

Michael shares his story of when he was young and had to grow up with this skin condition, people around him would see him as a monster instead of a normal kid. He would seldom go outside and mostly kept to himself.

Michael is now a handsome looking guy (all the girls i asked agrees!) and has no problem with being surrounded by girls.

This picture was taken on the 27th August 2010 at Genting Highland. This is me (borrowing Michael’s specs) posing with the handsome guy.


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posing with the handsome guy

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