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Tsukasa Hiiragi of Lucky Star in Macau!

Posted on: September 17, 2010

this little figurine has been my constant companion during my last week’s Macau trip! you must admit thought, having a cute figurine with a picture does make a difference. ^__^

well i went with AirAsia for this trip and having been too used to MAS all this while, i woke up to reality on what a low cost airline service was like. note to self – never ever for long distance travels.

in Macau, i met a lot of cool people…

and not to mention a couple of hotties too…

but not having a notebook or online connection with me to update facebook was painful…thus most of my updates had to be done after i got back.

all things considering, Macau was great! transport is by shuttle bus provided freely to most tourist destinations. else the local bus goes for 3.20HK per ride. taxi’s are abundant as well and is kind of like KL taxi rates.

the city is nice and clean (cleaner than KL anyway), lots to see and people are friendly.

speaking of food…

the food is expensive if you eat at the hotel food courts but otherwise “mamak” style outdoor stalls are pretty affordable ~ and delicious!

there’s MacD there as well for fast food lovers. and good news, it’s cheaper than KL!

pork burger!

green bean pie!

oh and if your ever thinking of going to Macau…



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