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do you feel Rich?

Posted on: December 14, 2006

tired of feeling poor all the time? working hard but not getting any appreciation from it? putting in that extra hour with no OT? well here is your chance to find out where you stand among the richest people in the world. follow the link below and hopefully you’ll feel a bit better about yourself.

discover how rich you are!


7 Responses to "do you feel Rich?"

say akho, do you know anyone nicknamed adrive?

you sound very familiar.

adrive sound so familiar! :O


then it’s you, lol! we used to chat in irc and icq, and i know ur sis too~

yaya! how #ironic =)


Jennyperlyyyy!! wahaha..how you find me.

ahahahaahah.. i ranked pretty miserably in the scale… sad sad..

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