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darn it, i just realised switchpod is gone. all my music uploads are gone. ~sigh~ need to find another free host…

oh wait…i found a replacement kekeke…


i’ve not been keeping up with american idol after season five. but due to rave comments i received from friends and family on the talents showcased for season seven, i curiously started to pick it up again to witness for myself the progression and brilliance of David Cook.

much to my surprise Blake Lewis made an appearance during the selection phase for the top 12 in season seven. performing “How Many Words”, i learn that he was contesting with last season’s winner Jordin Sparks.

although i’ve yet to watch season six and granted this is the first time i’m seeing and hearing about Blake Lewis, i was totally blown away with his beatbox style of music. sharing it with you if you have yet to have heard it…here’s Blake Lewis with How Many Words.

Gunslinger Girl is an anime about little girls with guns. young girls who had gone through much tragedy in life are recruited and “conditioned”, a process of replacing their limbs with mechanical parts. they become superhuman machines both superior in speed and strength at the cost of some memory loss. however, even as they function as mere tools against terrorism, they somehow retained their childish innocence.

i was captivated with Gunslinger Girl, the concept it presents and the emotional bonding between each girl and their supervisor. but what got me to really spend time being absorbed with it’s delicious story is Gunslinger Girl’s opening theme song “Tatta Hitotsu no Omoi” for Il Teatrino, the 2nd season of the series.

it’s damn catchy and it’s what got me to watch the anime in the first place. so here it is, enjoy!

Gunslinger Girl Il Teatrino – Tatta Hitotsu no Omoi

Tatta hitotsu no omoi tsuranuku muzukashisa no naka de boku wa
Mamorinuite misetai no sa kakegae no nai mono no tame ni hatashitai yakusoku

Gimon darake no yo no naka kotae wa mitsukaranai mama
Sore de mo mae ni susumu no wa
Sora e to nobiru itosugi massugu sashishimeshita michi
Ima to iu kiseki o shinjiyou

Yume mitai na genjitsu kono te de kaerareru mono nara

Tatta hitotsu no omoi tsuranuku muzukashisa no naka de boku wa
Mamorinuite misetai no sa kakegae no nai mono no tame ni
Namiutte iru kodou ni chikau yo moetsukiru made hashiritsuzukeyou
Ikinuite koso kanjirareru eien no itoshisa no naka hatashitai yakusoku

Oka no shita saku himawari mabushiku hirogaru kiiro wa
Kibou no hikari o terasu yo

Kaerareru mono nara
Chigatta ikikata aru hazu to

Subete kakeyou ataerareta toki no naka de kagayaite itai
Tada iki o shite koko ni iru dake sore dake na no ni afuredasu kimochi
Boku ni wa boku no shiawase ga aru sou omoeru dake de dore hodo
Kono shunkan ga itooshii hodo hikari o hanatte yuku yo

Hitori de susumu ni wa nagasugiru michinori
Dareka ga kono tobira akenai ka matteru

Tatta hitotsu no omoi tsuranuku muzukashisa no naka de boku wa
Mamorinuite misetai no sa kakegae no nai mono no tame ni
Namiutte iru kodou ni chikau yo moetsukiru made hashiritsuzukeyou
Ikinuite koso kanjirareru eien no itoshisa no naka
Hatashitai yakusoku

close the curtains. turn the lights down. in the mood for some swaying to romantic music. particularly this track from Maxi Priest. very much puts me in tune with my body, mind, soul. picturing myself sitting in front of my familiar desktop, working the night away on some self-fulfilling task. feeling ecstatic. the perfect moment. this is the perfect song to accompany me through the night. this, and perhaps a love one holding a freshly brewed coffee mug standing by a dimly lit doorway, waiting, watching over me. ~sigh.

greetings blog readers,

i would like to share with you an unexpectedly delicious song i heard today. titled Apologize, it’s just about placed me in a trance and is not letting go anytime soon.

the lyrics to Apologize conveys so much that i can’t help getting emotional when i’m listening to it. i feel like i’m transported to a dream-like state where from a third person’s perspective, i’m witnessing the ending of a couple’s relationship.

it’s like the feeling of being in love for one minute and then having your heart torn apart when you find out that your significant other has been cheating on you. or worst yet, your the one whom committed the sin and is seeking an unforgivable repentance.

this is the perfect guilt-trip song, depressing but at the same time beautifully rendered.

i came across this song by Timbaland (featuring One Republic) from watching Gossip Girl (season 1, episode 10), the tv series. this song just sets the mood perfectly for the love and lost feeling of one badass guy in the series.

enjoying it tremendously.

if you’ve enjoyed the music of Craig David, James Blunt, Michael Buble and John Mayer, you’ll love Shayne Ward. this absurdly good looking irish singer will take your breath away with these two bedroom tracks – “Breathless” and “No Promises”.

    You leave me breathless
    You’re everything good in my life
    You leave me breathless
    I still can’t believe that you’re mine
    You just walked out of one of my dreams
    So beautiful you’re leaving me

    I don’t wanna run away, baby you’re the one I need tonight
    No promises
    Baby, now I need to hold you tight, I just wanna die in your arms
    Here tonight

there was this animated movie which really caught my attention in my younger days. along with other great cartoons such as Gummi Bears, Rainbow Bright, Carebears and My Little Pony, the movie Flight of Dragons gave my imagination wings to soar. i was probably around 10+ years old then. my my, what a lasting impression this movie made for me.

i found myself humming to the theme song of the movie just now, and did a google search for the lyrics. impressively enough, i remember most of the words pretty well. you can catch the whole movie on youtube if your so inclined to.

listening to this makes me feel like wanting to be a kid again. here’s the opening theme song and lyrics to boot. ah, so nostalgic.

    Flight of dragons soar in the purple light
    In the sky or in my mind
    Flight of dragons sail past reality
    Leave illusion behind

    Is it the past I see
    When I look up to the heavens
    Believing in the magic
    That I know could never be

    I want to go where they are going
    Into the world they’ve been
    Can I open up my mind enough to see

    Flight of dragons, heavenly argosies
    Catch the wind, rise out of sight
    Flight of dragons, pilots of fantasy
    In the sky or in my mind

    Flight of dragons
    Flight of dragons

i wish they’ll do a movie adaptation for this animated film. it would so rock my world.



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