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Posted on: April 21, 2009

if you really think about it, our average lifespan of a hundred years is pretty short. the first ten or so years of our childhood is insignificant, as really come to think of it now, i can hardly remember what transpired then. thinking back, i would daresay that i might not even be in control or in other words, conscious of my actions during that period of time.

the last twenty years of our lives would be a certain “helpless” stage as i would call it, as we’re just going to end up not being very youthful any longer. so if you add them up, that’s like more or less one third of our life spent on nothing worth celebrating about.

another one third would be mostly devoted to our “learning” period where all of us go through the growing up experience. this entails school/university life – studying, being placed in a social environment to fend for ourselves.

and finally once we graduate from that, it’s the “independence” time of our lives where we seek to make something of ourselves, accumulate assets and cultivate our network of friends – no one likes to be alone (for too long). there goes the remaining years, spent on fulfilling our feeble hopes and dreams. so really…life is pretty short, isn’t it.

which brings me to my thought of the day – is there an afterlife?

when i leave this earthly plane, will i be classified to a certain region of comfort or pain for eternity? perhaps come back as the lowest of lifeforms and work my way up the food chain to end up as human again? or linger in limbo awaiting my soul to be transplanted into a newborn – assuming that there must be a constant number of souls in this world?

i’ll admit, it’s pretty scary when dealing with the unknown. to think that as technology advances and i won’t be here someday to witness mankind’s achievements.

and after much thought and googling, i came to the conclusion as described below:

There is nothing more important to us as living beings than that we have something we can describe as a soul that continues to exist after physical death and is everlasting. For without this, it is all for naught and there was no point in existing at all for ultimately it does not matter if we live for a year or a trillion years if we do not have immortality. And in fact not having such would really be the ultimate cruelty.

i have to believe that there is more to life, even after death. your thoughts?


3 Responses to "afterlife"

it does seem like the first 20 years of our life is actually the best time to live. we don’t worry so much cause adulthood still seems far away, mistakes done are forgiven easily, we just think about going out to play every day, everything seems so simple to do, etc…

as the digits get higher, logic creeps in.. we start to be more wary, we take less risks, we contemplate for a long time on almost every single decision we make (including even what to eat!) hoping to make the best decision for ourselves, wondering so much about the cause and effect of every single damn thing..

which goes to show, we have less fun.. life becomes a routine.. our soul just gets too tired from all the worrying .. living day by day hoping to be able to survive and not starve to death worrying.. as for the afterlife, i’m just hoping that it would be less worrisome and finally be able to take a long long rest after many many years of being alive….

supposedly i’m still young but i’m maybe just stupidly worrying too early too much. prematurely worrying. i’ve got 6 months left in uni life and i’ve already spent 5 months worrying too much about what’s coming after. i think it was the internship i did during the last holiday that turned me this way… maybe i shouldn’t have done the internship… it changed me so much, i barely even recognize myself anymore… =(

I’ve seen this saying many places on the internet “There is nothing more important to us as living beings than that we have something we can describe as a soul that continues to exist after physical death…” Who is the original author of this? This is something that I’ve believed all my life and have tried to describe to people many times…What I’ve learned from Quantum physics is that the energy that makes up everything can’t be used up and is continually “recycled”, so it appears life should be infinite, but is our individual consciousness infinite? This is the most important question that I must have the answer for. This has been the quest of my life. I do not believe in faith, because faith is blindness. I need proof, a proof that can be continually demonstrated…
I must acquire this knowledge, because “it does not matter if we live for a year or a trillion years if we do not have immortality.”


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