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back in Kuching!

Posted on: January 18, 2009

touchdown! i’m back in Kuching. what a way to start a new year. got an sms upon arrival – “i think we should break up”. yep, i guess i’m single again. sad? not really, kinda expecting it. not sure why it took so long thought. read my horoscope yesterday about me not having a good year for relationship but should expect a good income boost this year. woohoo! horoscope warns that i should watch my spending thought. nice to keep in mind.

everything is familiar. Kuching is same same. my room is the same, my bed is the same (except my blankets which smells kinda different) and my pc is the same (ah, the familiar purring noises it greets me when i boot it up).

coming back should be a time for relaxation but not for mua, as i have tons of things to get done in preparation for the chinese new year, not to mention some stuff from work i need to get out of the way. buzy buzy.

anyway my dad, an ex-dentition, is asking me to help him sell his dental equipments online. saying their worth perhaps around rm10K, i’m wondering to myself where should i get started. not everyday people would buy dental stuff from ebay or lelong.com. then there’s the whole hassle of setting up a paypal account, taking elegant presentation pictures and putting elaborately enticing words to go with the items. hassle! advice is always welcome.

mom wants to go bangkok on holiday in march. asks me to help check for tours and such. doubt i’ll be able to be a great tour guide if i should join them. i speak a little thai – nit noy, not enough to price haggle if you know what i mean.

anyway, it’s great being back. just wait a few days for Kuching life to sink in. till then, i’m gonna go around to get reacquainted with my hometown.


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