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the Dark Knight

Posted on: July 26, 2008

it’s all about the Joker, babeh. after watching this movie, probably the best show this year, left me stuck with the catchphrase, “why so serious?” courtesy of the superb portrayal of the late Heath Ledger playing our favorite fiendish madman. how will they top this next?

having the return of the Joker played by someone else would be blasphemy, unless the 3rd installment will focus on Two-Face…but this show really left out what motivation there is left for him to continue on, much less warrant coming back a second time around. then again, i could be mistaken. i guess i can only believe in Harvey Dent.

a third movie is almost to be expected, what with some lingering open points that is left unsaid in this movie…like with Lucious Fox gone, who is to help Bruce Wayne with new gadgetry? when will Wayne Manor be fixed? along with the batcave. is Two-Face really dead? and of course, will Joker return?

Batman is so much revived since it’s first revised look with Batman Begins. hopefully, they’ll introduce Robin next with the same gritty dark outlook that befits the direction of where these Batman movies are heading or perhaps bring in Catwoman, it’s about time a female villain gets the lime light. till then, the Dark Knight is very much worth the watch. a good piece of storytelling from one of the most well-known comic characters, redefined again, for all the better.


5 Responses to "the Dark Knight"

i haven’t watched it yet.. but i heard joker is really really good in the movie and the movie is abit too draggy.

a bit draggy yeah, cause when you think it’s over another plot twist comes in. hehe.

Hmmm. i think the movie is a little overhyped, the director can’t seem to focus on what stories he wants to tell within 5 minutes, keeps changing scenes.

but Heath Ledger was good, just that he doesn’t seem to laugh as much as a joker. So much serious compared to jack nicholson.

why so serious, yeah?

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