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Richard & Kahlan

Posted on: July 10, 2008

a while back i blogged about my excitedness over the transition to tv series for Terry Goodkind’s wonderful Wizard’s First Rule, a book from the Sword of Truth series. they’ve finally got the cast for the lead characters Richard Rahl and Kahlan Amnell.

i was petrified at the prospect that perhaps if they miscast the leading roles, the whole thing would just go down under. but lo and behold, it seems they got them just right. i saw the pictures of the actor and actress who will be playing Richard and Kahlan and is happy to give my thumbs up in approval.

Craig Horner and Bridget Regan looks very much like what i would imagine Richard and Kahlan should be. now i only hope the chemistry between them will sparkle on screen.

fingers crossed…


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