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Posted on: July 1, 2008

what do you say to a guy who just found out his girlfriend slept with another guy? he’s in shock right now. this is perhaps one of life’s cruel lessons. never ever take things for granted…


1 Response to "numb"

this happens. at least once in a lifetime. its inevitable. the curiosity normally gets the better of anyone. hope your friend is in better state of mind. the shock comes but after some time he will start to see the answer better.

i’ve heard of the worst case scenario.
– friend’s gf cheats on him with 2 GUYS!
– not only ONE but TWO!
– the girl? huana some more. very hiong one.

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u can regard everything here as fiction, or fanfiction (me being my own fan haha), or messed up ramblings from the deranged mind of a guy in his midlife crisis. whatever. comment as u see fit. the brainless ones go to /purgatory, not that i'm saying ur a zombie. then again seeing as i'm not getting much sleep lately, i probably am one. that said, u'll realise that u can't take legal action against a zombie. cause we've gots diplomatic immuniteh. rawr.

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