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Posted on: June 23, 2008

drama…funny…sweet. what can go wrong?

Kure-nai is one of those new animes to have debuted this year which turned out to be awfully good. it just finished it’s last 12th episode run on the 19th June 2008. the story behind Kure-nai is simple – it’s about a guy named Shinkurō Kurenai, a 16 year old student who works as a dispute mediator, a person who settles squabbles between people. one day Shinkuro was tasked to be the bodyguard for the 7 year old Murasaki Kuhōin, the daughter of a powerful traditionalistic family.

the story is basically the relationship between these two and the people around them. it’s both sweet and sad. Murasaki was basically living a sheltered life, conforming to the wills of the Kuhoin family when one day after her mother’s suicide, was rescued by Benika Jūzawa, Shinkuro’s employer. thus, Shinkuro is tasked with protecting Murasaki and fend off the Kuhoin family from trying to get her back.

i read parts of it’s manga and am happy to say that the anime version is much better than what was portrayed in the manga. the manga had a happy go lucky feel to it but the anime takes a more dramatic approach with a slice of life feel.

the anime is serious, sad and funny in many ways, except in episode 6 where the show turned into a half hour musical which was hilarious. it was totally unexpected from the serious tone that was set from it’s beginnings, but a welcome and well done episode nonetheless.

i admit that i enjoyed Kure-nai. it was one of my weekly waiting-to-watch-upon-download-completion show, alongside other animes such as Code Geass 2 and xxxHolic:Kei which are still running. now that it’s done and over with, i’m glad to finally do a review on it to spread the word that Kure-nai is indeed worth watching.

the artwork is unique and colorful but some may disagree. it’s definitely not as detailed as say…Paradise Kiss but then i’ll chalk that up due to the shows budget constraints. don’t avoid it thought, it’s a refreshing piece of work done right. sort of reminds me of Aishiteruze Baby but with a darker undertone.


4 Responses to "Kure-nai"

im up to date on this one. i thought it ended with the last episode they showed but according to http://animecalendar.net/ it is still going… ive seen the last 2 without any subs… its kind of fun trying to guess what they are saying… plus ive picked up a word or 2 from watching so much anime so im not 100% clueless… but im still a nice 99% :P

anyway. i would also recommend this one allot. its no masterpiece like paradise kiss but so far its quite good… its one of the ones i would really recommend.. btw. if you havent seen monster, special a or itazura na kiss i kind of recommend them. i specially liked monster allot but those other 2 are quite good 2. you should check my blog……. it has one post with all the shows ive seen. and ive colored the ones i really liked with green or blue.

eh? there’s still more after 12? oOoo…
i like Monster too…still yet to finish it thought.
Itazura na Kiss is okay but i don’t like Special A.
what’s your blog address?

bennyslog.blogspot.com but beware. its lame. ha ha. someday ill start writing some good stuff into it… maybe ill write a journal there about my trip im going to make to Europe and a little of Asia. and perhaps Egypt..

and also ill someday write my more specific views on the animes ive seen.. hope i dont completely forget about them by the time i get around to it :P or else id just have to watch them all over again.. ha ha.. jk.. probablly only starting and ending episodes (if i forget them)…

but basically my blog is for my eyes only… i dont even have a comment there… well. you might get an idea of a good show anime by seeing the ones i recommend. if you hadnt seen them yet… tho you probablly have…

i bla bla to much -.- well… if you actually visit my blog say something…

btw.. i think the info on the calendar might be wrong… ive been looking around and theirs no info on an episode 13 coming out… exept for that calendar ive been using… -.-

i actually hope their is to close some loose ends. but i doubt it..

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