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Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Posted on: June 17, 2008

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is a colorful, mindless, fun, comedy anime…at first. well at least for the first 7 episodes. after that, it turns into not only an edge of your seat action-packed adventure, but throws in an amazing plot twist that totally blew me away. there’s plenty of drama, a spark of romance and some sad tragedies all wrapped up in one epic story.

ultimately, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is a MECHA anime. but a MECHA anime done in a grand scale. it starts off with a boy piloting a robot “head” and you’ll be amazed at how far, or should i say how crazy huge it becomes as the show progresses. you just got to watch it to believe it, really.

but behind all those zany MECHA’s lies a well thought out story about a boy who becomes a hero and literally saves the world. the first 7 episodes was done to establish it’s many characters and believe you me, most of them has an impact to the later part of the show. the only bad thing about that is that i found it a bit repetitive and didn’t felt like the show was going anywhere interesting. then episode 8 comes along and the rest is history. i was totally hooked.

also, at times the show is very fast paced and if you blink you’ll probably miss some extravagant action scene. however, i could feel that the people behind this work must have really enjoyed making it. it really shows on screen at the amount of detail that was invested in making this show.

if i had to compare Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann to any other show i would say it’s a bit like Eureka 7 but more epic. and definitely better.

there’s 27 episodes in all with two parts. the first focus on the main character as a boy and the second part focus on him seven years later. i was totally glad the show made the jump to showcase the grown-up version of all the characters as i found the second part is where the story really shines.

the story is set to a future where us human beings lives underground and have no contact with the surface world. Simon (pronouced as Shimon) a digger, spends most of his time excavating the earth and one day discovered a robot head. his adventure begins when a huge robot drops in from the collapsing ceiling of his underground village followed by a mysterious girl who tries to fight it. long story short, Simon somehow activates the robot head and destroys the intruding robot which later he learns are called Gunmen.

Kamina, a passionate young man from the same underground village convinces Simon to leave with him to the surface world, and together they are accompanied by the mysterious girl Yoko who is from a neighboring underground village. from there, they set off on a grand adventure, finding new friends, battling awesome robots and uncovering the secrets of their past.

like every great anime i’ve come across, this one is no exception. it left me at the end feeling like i just came out from a wonderful experience.

i enjoyed it. how much? enough to say that i wish for a season 2 of this really stylish show.


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