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Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight!

Posted on: June 5, 2008

a comedy anime that makes you cry…oh my!

you know you’ve hit upon something special when an anime manages to place a smile on your face on the get go. that’s the way it is for Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight!, the most kawaii anime i’ve ever come across.

Massugu Go! Manabi’s catchphrase~

Manami Amamiya is the new transfer student to the all-girls Seioh Private High School in the year 2035. the show is far ahead into the future, as apparent by some technological advances littered here and there, but the life and school itself is pretty much still “traditionally” paced. Manami Amamiya or Manabi as she prefers to be known as is a spunky, energetic and motivational 17 year old.

Manabi pouts! Mikan pouts! kawaii~

in this timeframe, the birth rate has dropped dramatically and most schools are closed down due to lack of students attending, thus morale in pretty much at an all time low. leave it to Manabi to spur the people around her to make school life fun again.

a sick Manabi is still moe~

the show is narrated from the point of view of Mika Inamori or Mikan as she is known, an often shy and clumsy girl who is the secretary of the student council. at first, being the only member on the council (as her senpai’s all graduated when she unfortunately joined), she’s uncertain on what she wants to do with herself, at least till she met Manabi and gets swept off with her personality.

minna, let’s gather for a victory pose!

here’s 5 reasons why you’ll enjoy Manabi Straight!

1. the animation is kawaii!
2. Manabi’s enthusiasm is infectious
5. it’ll make you reminiscence of your school days

i’ll admit at times i cried tears watching at the sincere innocence of these bubbly girls. seeing them earnestly having fun is touching. watching them put in so much effort to overcome obstacles together is wonderful. it leaves me with a happy smile plastered on face for quite a while.

this is what school life should be like. being together with friends and having the time of your life. ahh…good memories. this comes as a highly recommended show to watch. it’s brilliant. you’ll walk away from it feeling nostalgic and happy.


14 Responses to "Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight!"

i’ll take back what i commented few days ago :D

seriously lex, where in the world did u get all these??!

you are amazing! do you watch all these at the same time???
i dont even have time to watch the ones you gave me. i’m rushing my studies for exam next week. =(

lol, not at the same time no. i finish one series and base on random curiosity choose another to start on. i also watch latest releases which is still ongoing in nipon such as Code Geass R2, Kurenai, xxxHolic:Kei etc. i watch a lot basically. most i don’t even bother to write about because they don’t stand out.

i get them from online sites of course e.g. direct download, megaupload, rapidshare, torrents, mIRC etc…

seriously? i never get to work with megaupload. keeps tellin me to download freakin’ toolbars.

you need to download the toolbar. :P after that, get a download manager to queue all your megaupload links. viola.

hey. back :P.
i guess ill watch this, this week. im not to fond of bubble like animes but hey, it might be good (for passing some time at least).

this last couple of days ive been watching anime movies and right now i just finished watching all the episodes of code geass (i think that might be my favorite anime so far or top 5). i cant wait for the next episode :)

i have megaupload toolbar. Tho ZA detects it as as a trojan :S. i dont really care. if it is they probablly just check my surfing history and stuff for stats… i think it contributes to alexa.com. tho i dont use it to often.. i always try to find it on veoh or any other streaming source before having to download it.

i suppose you already watched the new episode of code geass that was released today? if your interested on streams i found a pretty neat-o place :P http://ifyouwas.com/default.php
there you can find the newest episode of code geass with eng subs…

p.s. i just heard a remix by astrix called poison. its pretty good if you like electronic trans-psyco music.

yup just watched Code Geass R2 ep9. don’t understand why Zero is taking the princess hostage but oh well.

its just to get some attention.. and so ppl will do as he says. + he dosent want them to get married.

he will probablly kid nap him and from there let him free in his island. where the kid will be happy

but then again i might be wrong. we will just have to wait until next week… :)

yesterday i finished watching it. at the end i kind of felt it was a waste of time… didnt really like it… their bubble like faces and stuff just annoyed me to much… anyway. after that i watched The “Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (Suzumiya Haruhi no Yūutsu)” and after the third episode i was so hooked i wasnt able to go to sleep untill 3am. it has become one of my favorite animes. if you decide to watch it they have a weird order. so just try to search for them in order. if you go to veoh.com search for them as “SHnY” and from there follow the episodes in the order you see in the “(…)”

recommendation: in firefox just type ctrl+f and the search for them as (1) (2) (3) etc…

its 14 episodes long and their seems to be rumor that theirs going to be a second season (which i would only find logical since the first 14 episodes didn’t have a conclusive ending)

p.s. the episode 00 is accually episode 11..
really. its good. even tho the order might confuse some. its really good. i think you will like it.

i didn’t really get Haruhi, but Kyon was cool. will wait for season 2.

so you watched it after i recommended it? or did you watch it before? did you like it?

also. i finished watching ef – a tale of memories too… i liked it… seemed a bit more original than others… it has some psychological aspect to it which is great…


i watched it before. it’s okay. ef as well. i’m now trying to finish up Shoujo Kakumei Utena, sola and Ichigo Mashimaro. the new animes that i really enjoy are Kurenai, xxxHolic:Kei and Code Geass R2.

:P im still trying to look for sources for…Initial D all stages!!! :P

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