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Welcome to the N.H.K.

Posted on: June 4, 2008

Welcome to the N.H.K. is a show i come to know as reality anime. granted it’s sort of comedy plus slice-of-life, but it’s so readily identifiable that you’ll be feeling as if your watching another person’s life for real.

i guess the show would probably not appeal to the girl crowd. i mean, who would want to watch a loser’s life unfolding before them, as if they have nothing better to do? i use the term here loosely because the show is about a guy who mooches off others and puts no effort into getting his life in order. he is just living day by day dependent on his parents for money.

kind of depressing. yes, the show is depressing. the issues are real that you can’t help feel sorry for what the characters are going through, at the same time you might be screaming your head off at them for not trying to help themselves rather than taking the easy way out…going down the long dark tunnel instead.

the main protagonist, 22 year old Tatsuhiro Satō is a hikikomori, a person who suffers from social withdrawal. he is unemployed and a college dropout who is living off his parents in his own little unkempt apartment. lucky for him, Misaki Nakahara, a mysterious 17 year old girl decides to take him as her pet project to help cure him of his social ineptness. call her an angel, a godsend but unknown to Sato, there is a deep reason why she is trying very hard to help him out.

bear in mind this is a bit of a depressing show, thus every character has a sad element to them, a sad story to tell which unfolds magnificently as the show progresses in it’s 24 episode lifespan. but it’s not all sad as there are tons of hilarious moments thrown in as well, most which made me chuckle to myself, and of course the existence of a small ray of light, a hope for something better for each character.

besides the reclusive anti-social problem, Sato also has to deal with issues concerning online gaming addiction, conspiracy theories, mass suicide attempts, pyramid schemes and perhaps…love as well. these problems are brought about by those around him (but believe me there are not many people around him, or in his life). i guess you can say everyone around him has their own direction, drive, motives, scheme that one way or another affects his life.

watching the show sometimes felt like looking at myself in a mirror. many of the plot lines are so real and more often than not they hit me pretty close to home. it’s scary and wonderful at the same time. the show explains why people do what they do, say what they say and it makes perfect, logical sense.

in the end, it made me wonder how, perhaps in 10 years or so, are all the characters doing. are they well? better off than they are now? what will happen to Misaki once she’s all grown up? will Sato and her still be together? i do hope so.

then again, there’s no real happy ending to life is there. it’s really what you make of it. a thought provoking series. may not appeal to everyone due to it’s realistic portrayal of common issues, but nonetheless a pretty educational insight to what some people may be going through in their life.


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