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Wizard’s First Rule

Posted on: May 30, 2008

what makes a book a good read? what defines its content to be exceptionally awe-inspiring? what story can bind you from beginning till end, leaving you deep in thought once the last page is turned?

i’ve read books. lots of them. but Terry Goodkind’s “Wizard’s First Rule” is by far my most favorite read. it is just simply superb. and i’ve read it again and again. and i still love it to this day. suddenly, i remember myself watching The Lion King like 10 times (and more). it’s like that. an obsession. truly a masterpiece.

if anyone would ask me what is my favorite book, this will be it. it’s fantasy at it’s best.

and imagine me being ecstatic when i found out that Sam Raimi, the guy who gave us the awesome Spider-Man 1-2-3 movies will be producing a TV series for this book!!!

the couple in this poster are just temporary till they cast the right people. they suck so don’t bother about it.

OMG! i’m on a natural high. please don’t fcuk up the casting for Richard and Kahlan, the two central characters of the book. pretty please. casting the wrong people will just kill the show. i already have this mental imagery of how Richard and Kahlan should look like – beautifully noble. i hope they get the chemistry right. nothing sucks more than watching two awkward people playing lovey-dovey when they just don’t click on screen. ah, i’m worried, scared and tremendously excited. anticipating the arrival of this TV show.

i found out about the TV show when i was searching for information on the final book, the 10th book currently released and on sale now. titled “Confessor”, i was in town today and discovered it on the shelves. my hands were just itching to buy it. however, being newly released, it’s only available in hardcover. i just hate it when i come across a book i want to get but they don’t have it in softcover. got to be patient.

meanwhile, being the naughty IT guy that i am, i went pdf hunting for it instead. muahahaha. lo and behold, i have myself an electronic copy for my weekend enjoyment. shhh. it’s okay right? i mean i do intend to buy the book later anyway. so it’s not cheating to read first and buy later ya?

so umm yeah. i love this series. and i’m finally going to find out the conclusion of this whole gobsmackingly long story of 10 books to date. it’s been a satisfying read all the way and i’m devoting this weekend to digest the final chapter – peacefully, serenely, alone. the only problem is that i’ll be doing my reading on the screen (and not on my soft comfy all so welcoming bed). *sigh*

now i shall excuse myself…for a book is waiting for me.


2 Responses to "Wizard’s First Rule"

finally a break from anime eh??

break from anime? never!

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