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Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu

Posted on: May 27, 2008

Iriya’s Sky, Summer of the UFOs is about a chance meeting between Naoyuki Asaba and Kana Iriya on the last day of summer break, how two people fell in love and ultimately are *gasp* separated due to circumstances. yes, this is going to be a sad love story. sniff.

well, the story is about a girl named Iriya (duh!) who pilots a sophisticated plane to protect humankind against aliens. however, as a result of flying the nifty gadget, her health deteriorates as she starts to experience occasional nosebleeds and blackouts. there is speculation of a final battle approaching and it is ultimately up to her to hold off the invasion.

Asaba first encountered her at his school’s swimming pool when he sneaked in during the last day of his summer break. he ended up teaching her how to swim. the next day, Iriya transfers into his class as the new school term begins. and thus, the plot thickens.

hey wait a minute, this show reminds me a lot like Saikano.
there’s the cute but shy girl – check.
kind hearted but feeling helpless guy – check.
girl as weapon of last resort – check.
evident of a love-triangle scenario – check.
tragic and unclear ending – check.
too many similarities between them. but the best thing about that is that they’re both a good watch. granted Saikano is much better in my opinion.

the show centers mostly on the relationship between Iriya and Asaba rather than the invasion itself. there is also one very beautiful scene where after the school festival, the bonfire dance scene, Asaba is dancing alone upon an open field while in the background, Iriya is flying her plane in sync with him before going off to do battle against aliens.

Iriya’s only 6 episodes in length but everything weaves together pretty well and the final episode basically ties everything together nicely. however, at times i was disoriented with the flashbacks and trying to figure out what the show is hinting at, but later i found out that this show really does not require much thinking. it’s just a sit back and watch it kind of show because everything will eventually be explained.

avoid if you don’t like sad endings.


3 Responses to "Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu"

not as sad as the hospital one but its kind of sad. to bad it was only 6 episodes. i bet they could have made it into allot more.

it was nice. to bad they never kissed… quite interesting, Thanks for another good recommendation.

oh yeah, forgot to mention they never even lip-locked once. boo.

:P you could always add it in cant you? i wonder if many people make that sort of observations :)

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