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Battle Programmer Shirase

Posted on: May 27, 2008

Battle Programmer Shirase (BPS) is an ecchi comedy anime which had 5 story arcs spanning across 15 episodes of 12 minutes each. it’s rather short and the show itself felt more like a preview than anything else as it was unfortunately discontinued. no idea why they stopped it as i found it quite hilarious and enjoyable. it’s definitely not a serious anime and should be taken lightly.

BPS is about a freelance programmer named Akira Shirase who is actually a talented computer hacker who lives alone near his niece’s house. he is often visited by Misao Amano, his niece who is a 6th grader. due to Shirase’s incredible computer skills, he is sought out by several high-ranking individuals to help out on sensitive computer-related issues to save Japan.

for people in the IT industry, this is definitely an interesting watch. but i’m not recommending this show for it’s tech-savvy-ness. i enjoyed it for it’s humor. you see, Shirase seems to accidentally get himself into compromising positions always involving a minor whenever an official happens to drop by. naturally, the official gets the wrong idea and starts to have this internal struggle with himself on weather to report the incident or turn a blind eye to it for the sake of saving Japan (with Shirase’s help). it’s just hilarious watching their facial expressions and how they go about to convince themselves to ignore it. i feel so sorry for them but it’s just so darn funny watching them in that situation. rofl.

the official will assume some ridiculously funny “position” was being played out and then goes into a speech about self-righteousness with himself, agonizing on his preference and self-worth before declaring that he must choose to let the incident go for the greater good.

here’s what goes on in the official’s head (as subtitled) upon discovering Shirase in the compromising position:

“No way…no way…to think that the partner for this important business arrangement…has such abnormal inclinations as these. I can’t believe he’s doing it with a child! I would prefer a woman with huge, firm breasts, like Isabel Adjani, but…but there’s nobody but this man with the necessary skills! If i don’t ignore the actions of my partner, there’ll be public scandal!

That’s right…These are Supralegal Measures. For the sake of my company, do i dare overlook the existence of an impious girl? This is awful, this is awful! Away from my hometown and separated from my mother! Would my mother accept a disgraced son into her house? What could cleanse the soul of I, Akazuki Kaoru? Let’s pretend I didn’t see.”

i’ve no idea who’s Isabel Adjani or what Supralegal Measures mean either. incidently, all the officials carries the same name of Akazuki Kaoru for some reason but their internal speech is more or less almost identically played out that way. poor guy. lol.

oh, there was one cool scene where Shirase manipulated three old satellites from space to crash into the ocean causing a tidal wave to sink an enemy ship. he lined them up so that the last satellite (using the first two to bear the brunt of the reentry heat) would not burn out when entering our earth’s atmosphere. ingenious.

besides that one scene, i only enjoyed BPS for it’s well delivered funny ecchi moments.


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