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Paradise Kiss

Posted on: May 22, 2008

Paradise Kiss is just too cool to miss. if your a fan of Nana, you’ll definitely love Paradise Kiss, another creation by the genius Ai Yazawa. but what is Paradise Kiss (ParaKiss) about? well, if Nana is any indication of what greatness to expect, you’ll find that this show will not disappoint. however a word of caution, comparing ParaKiss to Nana is like comparing a Volkswagen to a Mercedes Benz. just because their production length is different really makes one stands out above the other. but that does not mean ParaKiss is bad. totally opposite. ParaKiss does hold it’s own charm. you can just think of it as a mini-version of Nana.

Lonely in Gorgeous by Tommy february6 (opening theme to Paradise Kiss)

ParaKiss lets you into the world of fashion design, interesting lifestyles, a bit of comedy and romance (of course) but underneath it all, you’ll discover that it’s really about the transformation of an average girl to professional model status.

Yukari is an average student who is going through a difficult phase in life, that which we all have to go through at one point or another i.e. the decision on what to do with our future. i’m sure we’ve all been asked a question of, where do we see ourselves in 3 to 5 years time – and have spent countless nights, days, months and years contemplating what to do. it’s that which makes us easy to relate to what Yukari is going through.

when your in a situation where going with the flow means a mundane routine, a chance encounter with quirky individuals with goals and ambitions can be an eye-opening experience. that’s exactly what happens when Yukari gets scouted as a fashion model for a college project. suddenly, her whole life just got a bit more interesting.

and with that kind of premise, i can definitely say girls will just love this show. however, ParaKiss is way too short. i can basically tell that a lot of stuff from the manga is probably not covered in the anime. however, even with it’s 12 episodes, the show doesn’t feel rushed. the pacing is just right and engaging enough to keep you interested. the ending covers all loose ends but could have been done better (if only they made it 26 episodes instead!) but it is the story that will indefinitely draw you in.

the characters are developed fairly well – we have Yukari Hayasaka, our main heroine – pretty but stubborn, George Koizumi a talented but egoistic fashion designer – sort of too cool for school kind of guy, Hiroyuki Tokumori is Yukari’s classmate – the handsome top student whom she has a crush on (potential love-triangle right there) and the rest can just be considered endearing supporting cast that brings the flavor of the show together.

actually, what got me really curious about this show from the start is from a review of it i stumbled upon where the “first time” scene between Yukari and George (refer picture above) was noted to be eerily realistic. the scene itself describes what goes on in a girl’s head during their “first time” experience. how educational.

anyway, what happens when you take out potential jealousy plot lines (which is probably covered in the manga) and side-character story developments? you get a straightforward love story about a girl breaking out of her shell and learning to take risk in pursuing her interest in life. lesson to learn from it – nothing happens if you don’t believe in yourself.

thus, ParaKiss is a good watch with a bittersweet ending. i only wished it could have been given more airtime. there is just so much potential for it to be another Nana.

the pictures shown here are all more or less taken from the web, too lazy to screen capture my own since these ones are already pretty cool.

actually after watching this series, i went to MPH (The Spring!) to try and purchase all 5 volumes of the manga (unfortunately the mini-MPH we have here sucks). i felt that Paradise Kiss warrants a read through to discover it’s rich content which is sadly not touched upon in the anime. still, it’s a solid watch and definitely worth the time.


12 Responses to "Paradise Kiss"

im no fan. actually i just came across your blog searching for hikaru news or something… thanks for the recommendation. i will watch this anime next.

a recommendation for you:
if your into highly disturbing animes that could make the weak minded insane. you should try “elfen lied” it has some nudity, allot of gore and hell it might make you not want to watch anime for a week or so… its that disturbing… i dont think many are cold heart ed enough to watch it 2 times…. i know im not… :P or maybe im just weak….

im also a fan of ah my goddess. i even read the hole manga. which i would recommend.. its quite a nice relaxing anime.

full moon wo sagashit i really liked that one too. its also rommantic

and also you should consider neon genesis evangelion if your into some gore and an interesting story that can get a bit confusing at times.

i should right my own blog for the animes ive watched :) :P

arigato josaimash :P

oh. and my nick in various sites it bennymex.. tho i doubt you care :)

thanks for the recommends! i’ve just about to start on Full Moon wo Sagashite. heard that it’s good too. elfen lied is scary sad but never got around to finishing it…yet. ah my goddess is sweet and evangelion is just not that well done. rahxephon is much better imo. luckily the new evangelion ova’s are coming out – a retelling of the story.

write your own blog. why not? do your own personal reviews. it always helps to spread good news on animes worth watching. got to love them.

evangelion was pretty much the first anime i watched after a long time without any anime… tho ive seen some anime through out my life. i really just started my anime addiction recently.

but at least now i found a nice place to discuss them. (here) :P

im going to start watching this one right now.. or at least half an episode since i have to go soon… keep up the good work :)

have you watched sisterhood of the travelling pants?
has blake lively in it.
very the chick flick though. =P

WOW! thanks for the recommendation allot… this anime is a real piece of art!

im only up to episode 9 but this is what anyone with any bit of good critic would call real art.

perhaps its even a master piece. :) im glad im watching this.

ha ha.. if you want me to stop flooding your blog just say so :P

too bad there is no happy ending, but that’s life. :)

i thought it was quite happy. i mean. she did get married and stuff. and she was able to move on. tho he forever will have her in his heart and so will she. even a little bit.

you were so right!! i like ParadiseKiss!! I want a fashion designer boyfriend!! I’m half way through~!!! Its really good!!

i finished it! *not happy ending!~* no show what happened to george & isabella or miwako and arashi 10 years later!! george should have been with yukari 10 years later~!! *sobs*

i dont think it was sad. i thought it was fine.. felt real. i mean it could have had a happy ending…. or a really sad one. but this one just felt completely in between to me.

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