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Posted on: May 17, 2008

NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK IS BACK! i was just notified by a friend online who witnessed their live performance in New York (i think!). i guess their reunion tour is well on the way.

haha, how nostalgic. Jordan Knight’s girly voice shouting, “I’ll be loving you…forever” still fresh in my mind. they’ve got a new track titled “Summertime” which is pretty so-so. but got to give them credit, even after 15 years of no news to a sudden spunky reunion, their popularity seemed to have not waned.

NKOTB gave birth to the term boy band. a slew of copycats like BackStreetBoys, WestLife, N’Sync and Take That came after that. unfortunately, NKOTB members are…no…longer…boys aren’t they. i shudder to imagine their loyal female fans from yesteryears coming back to scream for them. they’re all probably like what, averaging 30 years old now?

heh. no longer new, no longer kids, but still around the block. could be a good thing, time will tell.


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