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Posted on: May 10, 2008

you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. so the saying goes. this holds true for this simple titled anime – Suzuka. admittedly, it took me a while to convince myself to give it a chance after reading the horrendous review about it. but then, for that one bad review, i found countless other reviews supporting Suzuka’s charm. thus, fresh out from finishing the last episode of this 26 episode series, i’m convinced that Suzuka is actually…pretty good and well worth the watch.

it’s another one of those school life, sports, romance oriented anime. and with any good romance animes, there is always the apparent love-triangle. guy falls for girl, girl rejects guy because of feelings for another dead guy, long-time crush girl confesses to guy, cue emotional situations, insert misunderstandings, guy being honest with self and finally guy ends up with first girl. there, i spoiled it for you. haha. it’s the typical storyline we’ve come to expect and accept for love stories.

Suzuka does not disappoint. it carries the story well, progressing smoothly with no filler episodes or unimportant side-plots, making the sit through of the whole show a wonderful, emotional ride.

the protagonist is Yamato Akitsuki, a transfer student who falls for a high jumper while checking out his new school. he later finds out that the girl, Suzuka Asahina is his neighbor. Akitsuki’s attitude is that of a carefree guy, a big contrast to Asahina whom is serious with her sports training. the third party girl would be Honoka Sakurai, a soft-spoken and shy shrine maiden harboring a crush towards Akitsuki since childhood times. they’re all in the same school, same class and relatively lives close to each other.

her hair’s suppose to be blue…trick of the light or poor cell shading?

i think with this overview, you’ve more or less grasped the guise of the show. i didn’t felt the protagonist was dumb or anything, in fact he seem to follow the typical male thought-patterns by the book. so i didn’t get upset or angry with how he reacts whenever he’s presented with a dilemma. the main girl is cold and indifferent but that’s because deep inside she’s wrestling with her emotional feelings about her past. the third party girl is always the victim.

coincidently, Suzuka reminds me a lot of Maison Ikkoku. the guy’s love interest is fixated with another dead guy and through hard work and perseverance does the girl finally accepts him and gets over her past feelings. let me just say that Suzuka is like a mini version of Maison Ikkoku. less long-winded, same kind of story, same kind of happy ending.

so with all said and done, the question remains if it is worth the time to watch it. personally, i’ll say yes. more Suzuka-type love stories is always welcomed.


5 Responses to "Suzuka"

suddenly your blog turn white ki…
change of mood?

no la, just wanted to try a Michael Jackson.
it’s black, it’s white, hee hee.

ill also check this anime. seems intresting.. even if it sounds like something ive seen 100 times… he he. ill check it soon.

i just finished watching it. i was hoping it would end with sex, but grab or something like that. even a wet kiss… oh well.. now to read the manga to hope for it to satisfy my pervert needs :P

watch school days.

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