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home cook meals suck when…

Posted on: May 9, 2008

1. all the dishes share one similar-prominent-ingredient, e.g. soup with fish, fried vege with fish, steam fish…

2. you haven’t the slightest idea what to call the dish…due to too many ingredients being added to the mix.

3. there is only one dish, and it’s fried bi-hun.

4. it’s no longer fresh out of the pan crunchy and piping hot, but had cooled off to look like a soggy piece of sad shit stuff.

5. your trying to eat and be nagged by mom about work, at the same instance.

it is during times like these that i am very tempted to sneak out for a late supper. menu include one big fat and greasy ramli burger to satisfy myself. yummy home cook meals are very important! it most definitely governs my mood. i’ll rather spend 10 minutes ta-paoing some lame chicken rice than suffer through an unsavory dinner.

sometimes it is unavoidable since i don’t decide what to cook. a good lesson for the future to myself – must learn to cook!


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