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Peach Girl

Posted on: April 16, 2008

arghh!!! so frustrating. the last time i watched a romance/drama this engrossing was with Marmalade Boy. but that series didn’t get me so emotionally riled up, and every now and then would subject myself to cursing at the idiocy and at times, down right nastiness the show is portraying to me.

irritating and frustrating is how i would describe Peach Girl. but-it-is-still-oh-so-very-good. it’s so good that i couldn’t stop myself from watching episode after episode to find out the agonizing conclusion to the love triangle of this show.

in this love triangle, there is a misunderstood girl, a loyal boyfriend, an interloper and a jealous bitch. cue the music and watch the mayhem unfold.

Momo-chan, a well tanned high schooler who is constantly being mistaken as a playgirl (due to her looks) is really an indecisive, unlucky and emotionally unstable girl when it comes down to picking the right guy. but the situations she gets into makes it hard to fault her as some if not most comes pretty close to realism. it can very well happen in real life and like real life, could have easily been solved with proper communication in the first place, rather that assumptions and blame. but nothing ever works out that way, does it.

Touji, the long time crush of Momo-chan, is a pretty quiet laid-back dependent guy. everything he does, he does them with the fine intention towards Momo’s well being, even if she does not realize this at first. even at the cost of hurting her and himself. how baka noble of him. he just oozes with secureness as a boyfriend and perhaps the best choice any girl could ask for. at least until someone comes along and disrupt the happy atmosphere.

Okayasu, the playful playboy, is the contrast to Touji. constantly flirting around, he’s the fun guy to hang out with. easy to fall for especially when the world is against you and he’s the only one who believes in you. well that’s how it starts anyway with Momo-chan. and then when you least expect it, he’ll touch you with his softer side, swaying you over to give him consideration for potential boyfriend material. is he dependable? that would be the question mark that Momo-chan faces with this guy.

then there is the girl best friend backstabber, Sae, who is just about as jealous, conniving, mischievous, scheming and down right bitch there ever can be to exist in a show. at times while watching, i wish i could reach out and strangle her, really. scarily enough, in reality people like these do exist and it’s pretty difficult to ignore or avoid them. Sae is pretty much the main instigator for most of the misunderstandings (although she is not the only one) and boy does she do the extra mile to get her way. she’s also the pretty and popular girl in school, and whenever Momo-chan get some boy attention, she’ll comes in and wreaks it. woe be to those who considers this one a best friend.

between the two guys Touji and Okayasu, they both carry their weight in gold. both has good intentions, both has good reasons for saying and doing what they do. there is no right guy here. as Misako (Okayasu’s first love) tells Momo-chan near the end of the series, choosing either guy will lead to a happy ending. ultimately, it is Momo’s decision as she come to terms with her feelings over the two.

now that i think about it as the show is over and done with, the ending would have been totally different if the jealous bitch equation was taken out of the love triangle. hmm… but then again, it wouldn’t have left me walking away with such a big impression of this show. so i guess it’s all good in the end.

is this worth watching? hell yeah, but be prepared to be emotionally invested in the 25 episode ride.


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good ain’t it???


i think mine had episode 12 missing though

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