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Sushi King offer

Posted on: April 14, 2008

just spreading the news…

RM2 Privilege Bonanza for Sushi King Privilege Card Members 2008
From Monday, 7th Apr 2008 – Thursday, 24th Apr 2008

Sushi King Privilege Card Members 2008 can enjoy rice-based sushi on Kaiten Belt at RM2 each on:

7th till 10th April (Peninsular Malaysia)
21st till 24th April (East Malaysia)

fear not if your not a card member…

if you have a hand phone (who doesn’t nowadays) just sms MY111 SUSHIKING and send it to 33365 to receive a one time sms coupon that entitles you to half-price off your next meal at Sushi King, regardless how many people is with you but only applicable for the Kaiten Belt.



5 Responses to "Sushi King offer"

which one is more worth it? the sms coupon or the promotion?

i heard even the sarawak plaza one also RM2 now :P

huh? sarawak plaza got sushi king meh? which more worth depends how much you take. if you take a lot of the inexpensive plates then of course half price more worth, but if you go for the expensive colored ones then rm2 per plate more worth, no?

yea.. i guess so. but what if they dont put out the expensive colored ones le?? to minimize loss during promotion =P hehehe..

i think he was referring to the sad sushi bar at ground floor of sarawak plaza. the one which no one goes to eat..

oh isn’t that akira sushi? poor thing.

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