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Posted on: April 11, 2008

Inori no Uta ~ opening theme

i watch a lot of anime, most of them enjoyable but warrants not the effort to post a review on. then there are those that just inspire me to sit down and spend some thinking time to comprehend what the show is trying to convey. one such as Simoun, a peculiar 26 episode in length anime that is… how to describe it… beautiful and surprisingly good.

actually, i’m very surprised i enjoyed it at all, seeing as it was a yuri-oriented anime. what’s yuri you ask? well…




well yeah. girl on girl relationships. but don’t let that scare you away (unless you can’t stomach seeing girls kissing each other). i’ve nothing against it. really. actually, i find it kind of sexy. but then again, i wasn’t hoping much in terms of plot from an anime that is having girls doing the kissy kissy. but i was proven dead wrong. this anime carries it’s own weight plot wise and is every bit a satisfying watch.

here’s the guise of it. Simoun refers to these mysterious two-seater aircrafts piloted by priestesses called Sibyllae, which you can probably tell are those girls in the pictures above. mainly use for holy rituals, the Simouns was brought into play as weapons of mass destruction in the war against other nations striving to steal this technology. the story revolves around the priestesses in Chor Tempest, the most elite unit of Simoun pilots.

oh, not forgetting to mention that in this alternate universe, humans are all born female. at least till they reach the age of 19, whereby they will enter a sacred spring to choose a permanent sex after. so basically, these innocent priestesses are thrown into the harsh reality of war and from there, each one of them have to learn to deal with love and loss.

Simoun succeeds character development wise. this is not a show with a lot of gung-ho air battles nor is it some trip up love story either. it’s about a nation at war, where priestesses revered by the common folks are force to fight with sacred technologies, where everyone learns that when all is said and done, things may or may not stay the same but one thing is for sure, people will always change.

it’s wonderful seeing each character develop and come to terms with what lies ahead, watching their relationships blossom and their life altering decisions.

a serious anime at heart, a wonderful journey for the rest of us.

Utsukushikereba Sore de Ii ~ ending theme


6 Responses to "Simoun"

yuri huh.. :P

well i think peach girl is the best so far :P i think..

peach girl not yuri la…but thanks for the recommend. i got it somewhere, have not watch it yet. just finished with xxxHolic, so i’ll start on peach girl tonight. =D

eeeeehhh Adrive!!! Peach Girl so frustrating!!! grr..why got so many stupid people wan. argh!!! now i have to watch it finish else i’ll forever be irritated. -_-“

hahaha like i said, it’s interesting because it makes u wanna watch more and more :D

i like the sisters relationship (i forget the name) :)

oh yeah, pretty intense.

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