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Posted on: April 3, 2008

the dumbest thing i ever did was…

…to stick my hand into a meat grinder.


now there’s a visual for ya.


actually, the dumbest thing i ever did now that i think about it is to borrow $$$ out. one would think that if once bitten twice shy, i would’ve learn by now to decline politely if and when the issue should arise, meaning if i was approach for a monetary favor.

but in my case, i’ve been bitten not once, not twice, but three times already. i can only rationalize it as me being just too nice of a guy. my perception is constantly shattered because i trust people too easily at face value.

dumb. me. with a rm4,500 deficit.


TAK NAK! i should take a lesson from the smoking advertisements and billboards promoting that slogan.


2 Responses to "dumb"

RM4500?? wah… can do lots with that..
lots and lots of FOOOODDDDD~

Borrow me some. :o)

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