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given names

Posted on: April 1, 2008

i hate being called lou kung or to address a girl as lou po when in a relationship. it reminds me too much of those old yearly reincarnated cantonese movies like “All’s Well That Ends Well” and “Aces Go Places” where we get silly families falling into weird situations all in the name of comedy. the role playing father and mother usually are addressed as lou kung and lou po. i mean it’s not very smart to be associated in that regard i should think.

nowadays it seems trendy to imprint your significant other with names of fruits instead. don’t get me wrong, i did it as well what with pomelo and watermelon being in my list (due to favoritism of the fruit). but that’s embarrassing is it not. thinking back, there’s no reason why i should be stuck with an edible name in the first place.

i mean, i have a perfectly good name. we all do don’t we? a name our parents painstakingly came up with. although the last time (and most oftenest used period) that i could remember someone calling my true name is way back in high school, when attendance is taken or when i was addressed a question.

shifting forward to now, it is most likely i’m giving out my name instead during introductions, but then it’s rarely ever used back proper. on contrary, i’m pegged with either something different or my true name is recycled somehow. instead of Alex, i might be Lex, i could be akho, sometimes referred to as tauke, often not as simply eh but most times as peng yu or friend.

no, it’s not frustrating. it just seems kinda sad we don’t practice using first names more often. i guess it is kinda formal, but i feel it’s more intimate when used in a relationship. casual friends can call me whatever for all i care.

in a relationship, it’s like taking the other party seriously when you talk to them. in other words, expressing interest and concern by simply starting a sentence with the given name. when it comes down to it, it’s all about projecting a sense of respect (Ali G is da man) which in turn leads to better understanding and achieving intimacy.

equation wise: given name = respect = understanding = intimacy
which means given name = intimacy

so all you lovebirds out there, try it out. stick to using given names. you just might discover a more pleasant conversation between you’s involved in the relationship.

i know i will.


3 Responses to "given names"

so i should call you alex and not akho?
akho damn cool what… hahaha

eh i know, let’s trade names – u can call me yomi.

eee… call you yomi? thats my name la…

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