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Persona 3

Posted on: March 15, 2008

opening theme song – Burn my Dread

after devoting 90+ hours in a span of a month, i’ve frickin’ finally finished playing Persona 3, the ps2 game. *whew*

so how was it? well it’s fun. but like all rpg games…repetitive. the gameplay i mean. level up, boss fight, rinse and repeat. for any rpg’s, the gameplay is the most important, followed by a solid story to captivate it’s audience. Persona 3 excels in the gameplay department and the plot was interesting enough to have kept me glued till the very end.

unfortunately, the ending wasn’t all that great. and that ruins the whole experience for me. *sigh* but i did get my closure and now that it’s over and done with, i’m left feeling kinda relief and empty inside.

the only thing i’m happy having walked away from this are the great tracks developed for this game. lovely upbeat music made the gaming experience all the more special.

will i ever pick it up again for another play through? nah. i’ll pass. it was a good run while it lasted. it’s been a long time since i’ve managed to finish a ps2 game, mostly due to lack of interest. Persona 3 had me till the ending credits. kudos to Atlus for making such a fine game.

ending theme song – Memories of You


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