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Chap Goh Meh post!

Posted on: February 21, 2008

Chap Goh Meh translated from hokkien as the 15th night signifies the closure of another Chinese New Year celebration. *burp* no reunion dinner this year. just had a quiet dinner with dad. mom’s on a trip, bro is back in singapore and little sister still in russia. still have leftover cookies, cakes and keropoks.

interesting thing happened this morning. i awoke suddenly at 7.00am today from a brushing sensation on my right thigh. my heart was beating profusely as if i just had a nightmare. the moment i opened my eyes when i sat up on my bed i caught of glimpse of something that flew away from my vision. the best i could describe it is that it was an outline of a human figure.

what’s more, it’s Chap Goh Meh and my dad was going to do some offerings to my late grandfather in like two hours time. the whole thing spooked me for a bit.

anyway, i finally got some photos from my outing on the 3rd day of CNY from Samuel. better late than never! a day for outing with friends on CNY has become a common yearly practice. i’m just glad Ian (the dependable organizer) is always up to it. unfortunately, the group has thinned down this year with only 7 of us including myself. usually we have a bigger crowd and like parasites, we would venture to each house causing a jolly good commotion and devouring the festive foods within reach.

here are belated pictures!

ah dak’s “tousen” (God of Gamblers) pose.

Ian, holding up a $100 bill at gelek’s house.

this is Grace @ gelek. i’ve not seen gelek for more than erm…5-6 years i think. notice the faint gleam in her eyes when presented with $$$.

at Bert’s place. Bert’s the guy in red on the far right. his house is decorated with beautiful family portraits, wall to wall. felt like an art gallery.

we all at 10’s place. 10’s the gal sitting in the middle. her house has this javanese theme to it. pretty cool decos.

taken at 1386’s (Isabella – get it?) place. she’s ex-informatics and currently working in singapore. she’s not in this pic thought. scroll up to Bert’s group photo and you’ll see her – the first gal on the left.

i think we managed to cram in 10 houses for the day. even with such small members this year, i still had a blast. an overall enjoyable visitation day.

Good Charlotte – Victims of Love.

last night ate out with dad and on the way back home, caught a track on the radio that was so catchy i had to download it right away. the starting sounded a bit familiar, like a song taken from t.A.T.u.

fireworks starting already outside. guess everyone more or less has finished their dinner. Happy Chap Goh Meh!


3 Responses to "Chap Goh Meh post!"

yes the pup is back.

miss you all le.. this is like yearly event but sadly Ali and myself couldn’t make it :(

yalor, at least your both celeb together right.

saw many familiar face… ah dark… ian.. blah blah…

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