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Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~

Posted on: February 20, 2008

Yuki Makishima – Yokan (opening song)

yay! for sappy love stories. i can’t help it. i’m just so into high school life themed animes right now. the latest one which i just finish watching is called Tokimeki Memorial ~Only Love~. it’s 25 episodes long but only started getting dramatic nearing the end. the rest of the time it’s just try-hard comedy.

essentially a romance comedy anime where a lot of unbelievable circumstances is thrown at Riku Aoba, our male protagonist when he recently transfered over to Tsumugi Private High School. due to events organized by a crafty student council, his fame rose exponentially as he gets involved with three beautiful students at the academy.

Riku Aoba, a soft-spoken second year student who comes across as a kind individual. always willing to lend a hand and go out of his way to help others (not just girls!).

Amamiya Sayuri, his classmate. considered the most popular in school, she has legions of male fans watching out for her. Sayuri-chan is dedicated and hardworking, a model student. her biggest flaw is that she is really a coward deep down inside as she dares not reveal her true feelings to anyone. this is sometimes frustrating to watch…as she carries on this attitude till the last episode.

Kasuga Tsukasa, who falls for Riku from bumping into him accidentally, believing that it is destiny. she is emotionally aggressive, declaring her love at first encounter and later on being like a typical clingy girlfriend towards Riku. i was actually rooting for her till the end, as among the three girls, she seems to be the bravest of them all when it comes to expressing and understanding her true feelings towards Riku.

finally, there is the shy first year student Yayoi Mina, who started developing feelings for Riku when he helped her out with her swimming practices. she has trouble confessing to Riku on how she feels for him. i notice they both seem to be the only pair that shares a lot of sweet tender moments together, which is kinda nice. they would’ve made a cute couple.

i had mixed feelings with this series as there are good moments and erm…wacky moments to it. wacky as in weird. for example, some of the teachers are over the top crazy. that aside, the series is watchable. get past the insanity to episode 19 onwards, and you’ll be treated to tear-jerking moments that will tug at your heartstrings.

something bugs me thought. all Riku really needed to do was to be a kind and helpful person to obtain the girls affections. is it really that simple? perhaps maybe, all the other guys in that school view those popular girls as just another pretty face to ogle and get worked up over? it just confounds me to think that girls can easily be swayed like that. neh?

there was an awkward moment when 3 of the girls came to visit him after the new year when they heard that he would be home alone. now, that episode was fun to watch (i can never understand how girls can get worked up over a guy’s bedroom and cooking!).

it took Riku 19 episodes to finally realize how 2 of the girls really felt for him, too bad the one he obviously had feelings for was still giving him the cold shoulder (due to him being routinely interrupted by his friends when he tries to have a deep conversation with her). so, he was in conflict with himself and had to do some soul searching instead. thus, he sends a “call for time-out” sms to the fearful 2 girls in waiting.

it was only when Riku found out almost to the end of the series that he will be moving away with his parents that the 3 girls finally took it upon themselves to confess to him and wait for his answer on the last day. from a nobody to becoming the most popular guy in school, Riku had to break some hearts in the end and be brave enough to do a little confession himself…at least, before he leaves the school for good.


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