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Kanon 2006

Posted on: February 17, 2008

Kanon is a remake of the anime of the same name in 2002, dubbed 2006. a few differences to the two is that the first ran with 13 episodes while the second had 24 episodes. also, the characters all got a face lift, giving them a much more kawaii look.

this is the story of Aizawa Yuuichi, a 17 year old high school student who returns back to his home town with little to no memory of what happened 7 years before. as the story unfolds and pieces of Yuuichi’s memory is revealed, we realize that a significant lot had happened before the day he left.

one of the first thing i enjoyed about this show is the leading main character, Aizawa Yuuichi. unlike most romantic/comedy animes, the male character here is very outspoken and funny, a big reason why any anime girls would love him. that, and he’s pretty kind hearted as well.

then, there are the girls. most of them have some sort of childhood story that bonds them with Yuuichi, but unlike anything you would expect. there’s really no big shocking scenes of violence, girl fights, or even tragic death here, but expect a beautifully choreographed story of promises made, kept and remembered.

Ayu Tsukimiya is one of the main female characters with her adorable catch-phrase Uguu! which she mutters as an expression when caught in a pinch or lost for words. her’s is one of the final stories to be revealed to us at the end of the series.

Nayuki Minase is Yuuichi’s cousin, the first girl to be introduced to us upon Yuuichi’s return to his home town. she’s captain of the school’s female track team and a heavy sleeper. she is fond of animals and never misses an opportunity to pet one but unfortunately is allergic to cats.

we’re introduced to Makoto Sawatari as a girl who hates Yuuichi in the beginning, for reasons unbeknownst to herself as she is suffering from amnesia. Makato enjoys playing pranks on Yuuichi because of her strong dislike towards him. Yuuichi however, soon realize they shared a deeper bond in the past. Makoto’s story is pretty heart-warming to behold.

Shiori Misaka’s story is about a girl suffering from an illness and wanting nothing more than to experience the simple joys of life – namely spending time with friends and love ones. however, knowing her fatal affliction, her older sister refuses to acknowledge her existence. thus, Shiori avoids going to school, not wanting to hurt her sister anymore than necessary.

Mai Kawasumi is known as a quiet delinquent in school. but as Yuuichi soon realize, she is more than what she appears to be. Mai has very few friends due to her reputation, something that Yuuichi tries very hard to rectify.

there is so much to love about this anime. the subtle antics that goes on makes you want to laugh along with the characters and the sweet-pacing realization that you might be losing them makes you want to cry inside.

it took me 2 years to finally pick it up and watch it, and i wondered why i waited that long. i enjoyed the series from start to end. everything just fits into place nicely and i’m left with a feeling of happiness once the credits start rolling. truly a recommended watch.


10 Responses to "Kanon 2006"

why do they look like sailormoon?

very cute characters!

The older Yuiichi damn cute~ but the girls I still think they are very sailormoon style! :P

uguu! got cry or not?

not yet sampai the end yet..
taking my sweet time to enjoy it.

oops.. forgot..


wah! dem slow u. let u watch aishiteruze baby ya? sure make u cry lots. but cry cos hapy wan.

haahaha! kanon is like auuu! uguuu~ all the way..
but damn cute lo.. hahaha

my gooodness!!
i thought my heart would have just dropped!!
i thought ayu was left at the tree and died there!!
my gawd!!!
scared me so badly!!
dang.. i cried like a baby!!
damn good la!!

wahaha, go sleep liaw u. ~uguu

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