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3 a.m. restless

Posted on: February 16, 2008

bah. it’s 3 a.m. and i can’t seem to fall asleep. i’m on my last week of chinese new year holidays and i’m feeling restless. this whole week has been spent mostly on gaming and animes. i’ve soaked up so much knowledge on Japanese high schoolers slice of life that i’ve started to compare them with my school life experiences.

a part of me wished i had grown up in Japan. it would be much better if my local dialect was Japanese instead of Bahasa Malaysia. Ohaiyo~ sounds much cooler than Selamat Pagi anyway. i can imagine school life being really fun, with class field trips, school festivals – the kind where each class has to set up shop (usually a cosplay cafe or haunted house theme), going to hot springs, enjoying firework displays and girls in yukatas, sakura trees and bento lunches.

truth be told, my high school life was pretty ho-hum. i felt that i’ve missed out on some of the best experiences i could have back then. there’s always that if in the back of my mind. if i could turn back the clock, i would probably do things a lot differently knowing what i know now. if i was given a chance, i would have the grandest time ever. high school is definitely not just about studies and hanging out with friends.

why are animes so fascinating? how come Malaysia is not churning out it’s own brain-inducing cartoons that will capture the hearts of other countries? certainly we’re smart enough. storytelling wise we’re on par if not better. our culture itself is so rich, thanks to the multi-racial people we have here. i mean, where are the stories of lion-dances, hindu gods, and everything that is classified as haram by malays. i’m sure there is a story to be told there. just animate it with doe-eyed kawaii characters sporting colored hairdos.

with all the differing ethnic groups we have in Malaysia, it should have been us that came up with the unusual coloring of hairdos (red, green, blue, cyan!) for our cartoon characters. we should have developed anima, our very own Malaysian animation style. unfortunately, the only cartoon i can think of from us is Lat. did Lat ever had cartoons or were they just comics? not sure now. ugh…we suck.

i would if i could, i wish that i had. i would love to have done anima, if i could draw well enough (at least like StickGal). i wish that i’ve taken a serious interest in art and perhaps learn multimedia’s application in animation. i would probably be a master in Photoshopping and doing macromedia videos by now. if only.

getting back on track – i wish i had the opportunity to study in Japan. it would’ve been a life changing experience no doubt. why, even the short time-span i experienced doing my uni degree in Perth was emotionally eye-opening. again if. if i had known what i know now back then. boo. i’m just dwelling on a lot of what if’s at this moment.

no sense thinking about the past when i should be looking planning forward to the future. yet, i’m still not sleepy and pondering on. it’s almost 4 a.m. this makes it twice already this week. maybe i should start taking medication or something.


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