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Yukari Takeba

Posted on: February 13, 2008

lately i’ve been engrossed with a playstation role-playing slash dating-sim game called Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3. it’s a game about a teenager who discovers his ability to summon Persona’s (manifestation from his psyche) by shooting himself in the head with a pistol-shaped device called an “Evoker”. he is recruited to fight against supernatural creatures known as shadows during the dark hour (12 midnight) which occurs every day and on top of that, juggle his time between social relationships and school work. talk about a busy bee.

now with any good role-playing game, there is surely always a cute babe for our main character to get to know better. in this game, it’s the first girl he meets, namely Yukari Takeba. she is spunky cute and the game designers did a very good job in fleshing out her character. alluringly sweet and popular.

all you need now is to package her with the right voice and you’ve got an instant game babe to inspire her own fan sites. and that’s what makes her endearing – she’s oblivious of her charm and her dialogs comes through innocently sweet. basically, you can’t help but want to get the main character and her together.

bear in mind that this game was ported over from it’s japanese version, now complete with english voice-overs and translations. normally, i would have preferred if they had just left the original voice-overs in japanese and just gave us english subtitles instead. hearing the characters speak in japanese is much more authentic and sexy in my opinion. but anyway, it was very polished nonetheless.

Megumi Toyoguchi lends her voice to Yukari for the japanese version, thought i’m sure i’ve heard her voice acting in some other anime or game before.

she’s 30 this year but you can’t tell that from her voice acting. she most definitely does not sound her age, which is a pretty good thing considering she’s lending her voice to a fictional teen in this game. no denying a hot one at that.

gambate Megumi!

the english voice-actress that made Yukari come to life sounds as innocent as a cute teenage girl should sound like. imagine the shock i had when i found out that Michelle Ruff, the girl woman behind the voice is 40 years old. wow.

how she comes off sounding like a teen i will never know. excellent job pulling that off. respect. but downside is i can never look at Yukari the same again.

got me wondering how old those “girls” actually are over the phone sex services, not that i ever tried calling. i wonder if i could retain my boyish voice once i’m 40. then perhaps i could be a voice actor as well. hmm…that would be fun, i think.

Persona 3 is immersive and addictive, which basically means it will take away a chunk of your life if you start playing it. worth it thought, just don’t fall for Yukari’s sweet voice.


5 Responses to "Yukari Takeba"

Wow… such a complete data of Yuka-tan!!

Nicey! :)

I prefer older woman anyways :D Great data gathering! Nicely done

Yeah about that… I find out the Miss Toyoguchi san is also the voice of Yuka Minase in the new anime 11eyes

hmm…11eyes, haven’t gotten around to watching it yet. i’m engrossed with ‘kimi ni todoke’ and ‘to aru kagaku no railgun’ both pretty solid anime this season. :)

Have you played Persona 3: FES and saw how Yukari became pretty jealous of Aegis?

It was a pretty interesting look to see what happens when people get REALLY jealous.

I actually did a feature on Yukari. You can take a look at: http://www.mangatherapy.com/post/786140166/yukari-persona3

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