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School Days

Posted on: February 13, 2008

i’ve just spent a good part of the morning (or night seeing as it’s dark outside) watching this 12 episode anime. it’s 5.30am as the credits are rolling. i confess, i expected this to be a normal love-triangle soapy run-of-the-mill anime like most others but instead, was rewarded with a shocking series worthy of keeping me glued all the way till the ending. SHOCKING. yes, you read that right.

actually it didn’t start out that way, you see…our protagonist Makoto Ito likes Kotonoha Katsura. they take the same train to school everyday. it was love at first sight, so to speak. then there is Sekai Saionji, Makoto’s classmate whom sits next to him and knows him pretty well.

Saionji, as we are introduced pretty much finds out about Makoto’s crush and tries to help him out by befriending Kotonoha and getting them together. lo and behold, Kotonoha returns Makoto’s feelings with Saionji’s help. unfortunately, Saionji secretly has feelings for Makoto as well. thus, we get a typical love triangle story.

Makoto Ito – the luckiest guy ever? or…maybe not

Kotonoha Katsura – shy and soft-spoken, always bullied by others

Sekai Saionji – outgoing and popular, the third party

however, seems like Makoto is pretty much an idiot when it comes to being in relationships. you see, Makoto likes Kotonoha, but has an affinity with Saionji and sleeps with her instead as well as Otome Katō, his “girl” friend since junior high, and Setsuna Kiyoura, who is Saionji’s best friend, and Hikari Kuroda, who had a crush on Makoto’s best “guy” friend, and Kumi Mori, Natsumi Koizumi and Minami Obuchi, the three(some!) girls who dislikes Kotonoha for being (in their opinion) too perfect. complicated? you bet it is.

this anime is all about miscommunication, misunderstandings and downright idiocy of the main character of not being responsible and making up his damn mind. i can’t help but feel sorry for both girls, Kotonoha and Saionji, whom had the most feelings invested in this roller-coaster ride with Makoto.

actually, the premise of a clueless guy being so popular is kind of far fetched, at least till i found out that this anime was based on a dating-sim game. that really made a lot more sense.

12 episodes is rather short but pretty intense nonetheless. i find the ending for this series was well delivered. absolutely SHOCKING. suffice to say, Makoto got what he deserved. and a lesson learn for the rest of us guys out there.

WARNING! SPOILER ENDING: the picture above depicts a lonely Kotonoha clutching what appears to be a decapitated head, i kid you not. now if everyone’s school days was as exciting as this, we’ll be all pretty much demented right now.


4 Responses to "School Days"

you recommended me this on another one of your post. im on episode 5 and damn its so sad that someone always has to end up hurt…
Its just not fair.

tho its sad it quite good so far. the last 3 series ive seen have been under your recommendation.. you watch my type of animes :P :)

p.s. i think saionji is hotter that katsura… her attitude and her body. (katsura has her breasts to big for my taste, i like saionji’s much better)

holy fucking shit! for fucking sakes! holy mother of god! THIS is to fucked up! WAY TO FUCKED UP!


god dammit. i mean. what a horrible thing. i didn’t like at all the fact he cheated on his gf, gfs. and just when you think its going to have a more less good ending that fucked up shit happens…

sry but im a bit pissed. scared, and perhaps angry.

i do like happy endings. and this is just scary and sad.

this kind of stuff contaminates one’s soul.

thanks for the recommendation but no thanks… this was more fucked up than elfen lied.

sorry for the fucked up language but i really need to vent about that crap. GOD!

im going to watch the ova’s if its one of the alternate endings it has to be MUCH nicer than this. GOD! i feel im going to vomit…


perhaps i would recommend this to some of my friends.. but only the ones that dont care much for fucked up things.

Now delete this post or bleep all my bad language.

on this post im not even going to thank you for recommending this.

aww..this series was really unexpected. and was meant to shock. it’s truly something different from the normal romance genre bordering on horror. but i did enjoy it. :)

i like happy endings to much. and this dosent have anything happy about it. so it goes against everything i like.

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