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tong tolong tong chiang!

Posted on: February 6, 2008

roughly half an hour till the stroke of midnight, ringing in the Chinese New Year, the 2008 rat year!

already i’ve received a bunch of sms wishes and a couple of open house invites, which is cool as always. i can feel the itching desire from my neighbors to unleash hell, as i’m already hearing random bangs outside my house. seem like a typical new years eve, same old same old.

dad already retire to bed early, mom still fussing with house chores, bro watching tv, me in my room on the com. can’t believe a year has already come and gone. not much has changed. then again, this comforting atmosphere of having everybody under one roof is a welcome.

i can already predict the morrow, waking up (hopefully before 10am) and doing the formality of greeting everyone a Happy Chinese New Year, then proceeding to the angpow giveaway followed by breakfast, shower, change of spiffy new clothing and going out to visit grandma. no doubt a yearly routine but it doesn’t get dull. not at all.

with the house furniture rearranged, fridge stocked with carbonated drinks, tidbits in the living room, i guess we’re all set to welcome the festive season. expecting to see the lions dancing with their tong tolong tong chiang! in full glory. what’s Chinese New Year without them?

wishing you all a Happy Chinese New Year!
drive safe, eat well and enjoy the company of your love ones.

oops, 10 minutes to go. need to get busy with the sending of sms to cherished friends, including you!


4 Responses to "tong tolong tong chiang!"

Happy Chinese New Year, akho! =)
May the year of the Rat bring you luck, prosperity and wealth!!

Happy Rattie New Year!!


thanks for the wishes. happy chinese new year to you too. :)

Aiyo, so many things happened over the new year… can’t wait to tell you. Brace yourself!

— Markneto

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