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Top 10 Babes

Posted on: February 2, 2008

viewer discretion is advised – the following page contains mature subject matter and is known to get a rise even out of celebrities such as Michael Jackson. if you have a weak constitution or are easily offended by pictures of scantily clad beauties or by strong sexual content, please do not continue.

you weakling. go suckle your mom’s bosom till your of age.


i mean it.


no wait, come back!

i’m just kidding.

your mom won’t like you doing that.

don’t worry, there is no hardcore stuff ahead. no xxx here. i’m not that tasteless. women in clothing is so much more exotic, don’t you agree?

less is more so to speak.

your still reading?


i guess we’re on the same wavelength.

first off, let me just say i adore the voluptuous figure of the female species, as any sane male should. can there be anything exquisitely more beautiful? secondly, this is not just a cheap excuse to post pictures of half-naked ladies.

it’s more of a cheap excuse to post pictures of half-naked ladies whom in my humble opinion deserves the title of Goddess, to be worshiped and fantasized over (prerequisite drooling involved) for all eternity. or at least for 10 years more till some stuff starts to sag or other nymphs comes along and gets a promotion. males = short attention span.

with that, here are my choice of 10 of the most mesmerizing beauties to ever walk this earth. Pak lah be praised!

10. Cat Deeley

~ conversation is key

Catherine Elizabeth or more fondly known as Cat Deeley, the vivacious disc jockey, television personality, fashion model. what really caught my attention to this high spirited lady is her voice. i first saw her as a host on MTV and was instantly won over by her poise and charm.

i would put her in the category of best friend type of girl Goddess, the kind whom you can hang out and have a good conversation with at any given time or place. words best describes her are beautiful, intelligent, fun.

9. Keira Knightley

~ naughty but nice and all that spice

before Pirates of the Caribbean there was Bend it like Beckham, a little known movie where Keira played a supporting role. that was where i first spotted her and thought to myself, why isn’t she a well-known actress yet? well, she definitely is now. i would say she can concoct the most mischievous smile ever. take note, this girl can play naughty too , and that is definitely a plus. she’s sexy and demure, that’s how i would best describe Keira Knightley.

awesome girl, awesome name. perfect combination for a nice little distraction. the fun kind. because we all need a nice little distraction to make our lives more interesting now and again. playful? check.

8. Estella Warren

~ huge assets ftw!

acting is definitely not her stronger points. she’s a swimmer turned model – lucky for us. my first introduction to Estella came in the form of a Chanel 5 commercial where she played little red riding hood. it was a curious advert that made her stick out in my mind for a long time.

luscious lips coupled with huge assets equals an alluringly sensual Estella. just becareful to not gaze too long at those bedroom eyes of hers.

7. Jojo Struys

~ put on something sensual and your the center of attention

Pillow Talk! never had a chat show kept me up so late, all thanks to one sexy Jojo Struys. follow a simple formula to success – put one passionate girl in her jammies with a bunch of home grown personalities (in jammies) together for half an hour to chit-chat over anything and everything.

now some people (guys!) will have you know that they watch the show because they find it informative and engaging, yeah right. i got to be honest, i tune in to Pillow Talk to watch Jojo struts her stuff in sexy outfits. beau-ti-ful.

6. Scarlett Johansson

~ being blond is not necessarily a bad thing

ahh…multi-talented Scarlett. she’s the ultimate bad girl good girl innocent girl all in one. i doubt there will ever be a dull moment with this celebrity. i find that she plays the typical dumb blonde roles really well. that’s not to say she’s like that, far from it. in my opinion, she’ll do Marilyn Monroe proud. i won’t mind having her popping out of a cake and singing happy birthday to me. i can only dream, right?

5. Shu Qi

~ aww…so cute, i just can’t say no

putting the softcore porn she’s done aside, i’m simply amazed at how much dedication this chick has put in to reach stardom status. i loved her in her action flick So Close and the Jackie Chan romantic comedy Gorgeous. she’s one sassy lady possessing the most endearing pouting expression i’ve ever seen. the kind that will win your heart over. how can you possibly ever get angry with this little nymph. brownie points to Shu Qi for being adorably cute.

4. Hannah Tan

~ this is what the word desirable is made for

yay for Malaysian talents! Hannah T. is to Animax what Morgan Webb was to X-Play. smoking hot. have you check our her website? hubba hubba. hands down a gorgeous AND talented babe.

she sings! she hosts! she acts! she was voted Malaysia’s sexist for 2006! and of course, she’s from penang. got to love her! need i say more?

3. Akane Souma

~ fast cars and hot women..the perfect blend

i’ll admit it right now. i’m not a fan of the formula one racing scene. i’m not into fast cars. i won’t swoon and sigh over Michael Schumacher’s autograph. the only reason why i would ever place myself at a race driving event (and i’m sure most guys feel the same – don’t deny it!) is to hopefully catch a glimpse of the attending racequeens.

come to think about it, i would very well go to motorshows for a better chance to get up close and personal with them anyway. so i guess i’ll rule out ever going to watch a race driving event.

which brings me to the queen goddess of racequeens, Akane Souma. granted, i don’t know zilch about her (well maybe except that she’s japanese) – i just enjoy looking at her picture galleries and dream of what if’s. so to her credit, she captures a spot here simply because she is very photogenic – in layman’s terms, very easy on the eyes.

2. BoA Kwon

~ not just another pretty face

BoA Kwon, a korean hottie. i won’t say she’s over the top beautiful, but i will say she’s damn appealing in a Avril Lavinge (when she was unattached) kind of way. she’s also a singer with super duper cute vocals! i’m not a harcore fan, but she sings and dances well enough to warrant me shaking to her rhythm.

when i look at her, i imagine this sweet goofy person whom you can’t help but be protective over. you just want to be her knight in shining armor and she’s your damsel in distress. that’s her winning charm.

it’s true, we’re just softies when it comes to such an alluring and pretty face. pay us a bit of attention and we’re hooked. simple eh?

1. Reon Kadena

~ girls just wanna have fun

Reon Kadena is sweet innocence with a tinge of naughtiness personified. a model and actress, this japanese idol stirs male loins like nobody’s business with her provocative photobooks. no stranger to the camera, she’s done some not very well-known movies and a couple of introductory videos of herself where she prance around in different outfits showcasing her jaw-dropping body line.

oh who am i kidding. your more interested in ogling her pictures than getting to know her better. let me just let the pictures do the talking.

drop dead gorgeous no? if only…

Reon is super kawaii~ an 11 out of 10.

and finally, the reason ipods sold like hot cakes.

well, there you have it. my top 10 picks of the best. agree to disagree? i’m sure you would. but i’m of a fickle mind, so lay me your comments and change my opinions – i dare ya.


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