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purple porridge

Posted on: January 28, 2008

i came home from work today to find a peculiar meal waiting for me. my dad cooked porridge for dinner, extra special porridge with century egg. so special that the content is not in its usual white, but purple.

the porridge taste like porridge.
the century egg taste like century egg.
the purple is mind-boggling.

so as i sat there munching on the purple goo, i got to thinking about how unique this meal is. never had i eaten purple colored porridge before.

i heard my friend once added banana with porridge and the color still came out white. i’ve seen fish with porridge, still the color is white. chicken? nope. lamb? same. all white. how on earth did my dad come up with this purple coloring?

i dwell on the matter for a bit and in a fleeting moment, a couple of ideas went through my mind on what it could possibly be.

no wait, that’s not right.

elmo is definitely red.

well anyway, it was an interesting 15 seconds of thought. i didn’t get it right with any of the above but i found out later the culprit are these innocent purple huan zhu’s (sweet potatoe)…

mystery solved. case closed.


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