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Posted on: January 22, 2008

you know you probably can tell a lot about a person via their email address. vaguely guessing i mean. like mine is pretty straightforward, akho@hotmail.com derive from my first initial and surname combined. not much of a sherlock holmes to figure that one out.

then there are those with strange nicknames like mooncloud@rainforest.com and masterchief@halo.com which either means the person is a bit of a wacko or he/she is probably a shaman in a previous life. to be honest, i do have a nickname myself and come to think of it, i probably fall in the wacko territory too. it’s actually a nickname i got back in my Counter-Strike days…but i shall not go into that. moving on…

then there are those alpha plus numeric combinations like jesus123@gmail.com which strangely enough, is probably a misguided (dare i say it?) catholic (there, i said it) teenager lacking creativity, when he decided to signed up with that address.

how about bob78@intel.com?

pretty obvious behind that email lies a lonely 30 year old geek working for Microsoft. apparently a tad overweight and loves pizza. come now, who else could it be? an actor? doh! no way.

littlelisa_xxx@pimpmyride.xo is most likely his other email address.

ever wondered if the Pope have an email address? i got to thinking and did some googling around. he does indeed have one. now it’s not at all exciting or what i imagined it to be like ilovejesus@holytrinity.ca or godblessyou@heavenly.uk. it’s actually pretty boring, really down to earth just plain old benedictxvi@vatican.va.

now that’s no fun is it? i would have thought the new Pope would have come up with something more groovy. if i wanted to make a difference, get the whole nation talking, why not start with a more exciting email address. i mean everyone loves the Pope. he can’t go wrong, ever.

he needs a more radical email address. one that would doubtlessly smack you in the face when you see it for the first time. an address that makes you sit up and take notice. honestly,

he’s got a whosyourdaddy@vatican.va going for him, don’t you agree?


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