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Posted on: January 21, 2008

there’s something about leading a group of people in a topic of discussion especially if it’s one that was propagated by you. the feeling of being the center of attention is enrapturing, bordering to sinful bliss. from a third person’s perspective, it would be like watching a wonderfully choreographed conversation piece, an artful presentation of fluidity.

then again, speech itself is an artform. conveying the intended message across is an artform. manipulating the thought patterns of others so as to derive to an expected conclusion is an artform. it’s not lying per say, it’s reasoning. anyway, i’m in the firm belief that if it doesn’t hurt anyone and at the same time it’s fun for everyone, it’s encouraged.

feeling the approaching chinese new year, i can’t help but recall back the last chinese new year i had celebrated at my uncle’s place. the family was there – cousins, aunts, grandma and girlfriends (not mine!). and what started as a fun 1 to 1 show to a stranger suddenly escalated to a full-blown center of attention performance. by show, i meant a trick. a simple yet elegant magic trick. an audience of 1 turned to a mob of 20 in under 5 minutes. i’m talking kids to adults flocking around me waiting for the result of the half-way performed trick*. talk about tense!

it went well. the feeling was undescribable. i saw a monster in me that day. a monster potential which holds possibilities that would no doubt enrich my life and expand my knowledge base. at worst, what awaits me at the bottom of the ladder would be a social entertainer. at best? who’s to say what i can’t achieve? a public speaker? a lifestyle advisor? an actor? hey, if i’m aiming to pull the trigger, i best shoot for the stars, no?

so now i’m at an impasse. with chinese new year fast approaching, my bag of tricks is patheticly empty. my train of thoughts is devoted more towards getting myself a nifty new toy (a notebook tablet) than focusing on self-improvement. the god of laziness is fast encroaching me.

i need help!

*for more info on the trick, feel free to inquire personally via email, phone, snail mail etc. devulging it online would spoil the fun.


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