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Posted on: January 16, 2008

when i came upon the tv series Dexter, my first thought was of…

…that cartoon network show (which i never did watch) but instead, i was treated to something surprisingly better.

do you like psychological thrillers?

we the audience gets a first hand look into the mind of a serial killer. the twist is that this is actually the good guy. yup, where else can you find a serial good guy killer as the protagonist of a show. got your interest yet?

Dexter, the main character channels his inherent desire to kill by hunting heinous criminals and delivering his form of gruesome justice to them. each episode presents us a new criminal for Dexter to work his brand of punishment on but as the show progresses, Dexter finds himself pitted against another demented serial killer.

it’s gory to the max with dismembered limbs and blood splatters galore. be warned, Dexter is not for the faint of hearts.

24 episodes total making up it’s first and second season, currently plans for a third season in 2008. well worth the watch, certainly a unique show to ever grace my PC in a long time.


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