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Posted on: January 13, 2008

greetings blog readers,

i would like to share with you an unexpectedly delicious song i heard today. titled Apologize, it’s just about placed me in a trance and is not letting go anytime soon.

the lyrics to Apologize conveys so much that i can’t help getting emotional when i’m listening to it. i feel like i’m transported to a dream-like state where from a third person’s perspective, i’m witnessing the ending of a couple’s relationship.

it’s like the feeling of being in love for one minute and then having your heart torn apart when you find out that your significant other has been cheating on you. or worst yet, your the one whom committed the sin and is seeking an unforgivable repentance.

this is the perfect guilt-trip song, depressing but at the same time beautifully rendered.

i came across this song by Timbaland (featuring One Republic) from watching Gossip Girl (season 1, episode 10), the tv series. this song just sets the mood perfectly for the love and lost feeling of one badass guy in the series.

enjoying it tremendously.


9 Responses to "Apologize"

you’re watching Gossip Girl??? Darn.. Apologize is nice! It was my favourite song for a few months ago. Hahah!

akho.. I cant watch Honey & Clover 2. =( No matter what I use to play.
WMP, media classic player also cannot.. =(

u need to update your video codec i think. want Gossip Girl season 1? i’m almost done watching it.

wah.. very tempting ooo, I WANT~~ =P ..
gossip girl.. i’ve watch one episode of it while i was in KL.
Blair’s birthday episode. She’s pretty..

maybe we should exchange ooo..
because I feel bad if I keep taking from you and I give nothing in return.
Do you want Nana; The Anime? Have you watched it?

Nana? watched finish lor. haha, you can recommend me songs, since it seems i’m so behind on what’s really worth a listen to.

ohoho.. you dare to listen to what i listen to? hahahah!

oh ow…now i’m a bit scared. is there perhaps a wild side to ms. naomi? i’ll risk it, what do you have to offer?

em… let me see.. lots of jazz i would say. and stuff you hear on hitz.fm. hahaha! and some funny songs i hear online.

…jazz? unfortunately, i seldom listen to the radio (car radio spoil ba) however, i did enjoy the rudy and jayjay version of “don’t cha” and “we’re not so furious”. ok ok, fess up – what *glup* jazz songs can you recommend.

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