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Posted on: January 8, 2008

when i was a teenager, the topic of conversation usually falls on what fun is there to be had next. either to infiltrate some neighbours backyard for rambutans, starfruits and cempedaks or cycling long distance to the nearest local resort with my fiendish friends.

in highschool, the fun usually comes from speculating on our classmates relationships with the opposite establishment, the all gurl school next door. that and dishing out weird and most times outrageous nicknames for our “beloved” teachers. “angsa” (goose) and “helicopter” comes to mind. sorry cikgu! we were fun immature students but you love us all the same, right?

then college came and went, our group of friends grew tighter, closer, smaller. our clique would be immersed in controversial talks on subjects relating to anyone and anything during frequent “yam cha” sessions at the popular “lok-lok” stations or new hang out places. occasional pubs and nightclubs comes into play.

university marks our journeys end, the parting of the ways. we lose contact with our childhood mates, we make new friends from all over, our mind expanded and maturity sets in. discussions then includes future projections, improvement in all areas of life and the ever popular how to amass a fortune to reach a financially free lifestyle.

here and today, i’m in the working part of my journey, where education is done and gone, where performance and experience is the new factor. friends now consist of ambitious entrepreneurs and trust-worthy colleagues (the occasional selfish ones are always around). the talk of the town is on networking, investments and market survey. the high octane pressure to achieve goals amounting to assets, a family and a legacy to leave behind is apparent.

how the mindset is constantly changing. losing the innocence of youth and gaining the wisdom of the ages. how shall i fare in my next step in the progression of life. what’s the next topic of conversation and whom will it be with? this question is up for comment.

perhaps this entry will be updated as i soon discover them.


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