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resolution 2008

Posted on: January 3, 2008

i had to dig back my 2007 resolutions and did a bit of soul-searching before deciding to come up with this year’s resolution. i mean, i had my hesitation because imo, the point of coming up with resolutions is for you yourself to fullfill them before the next year. and looking back, unfortunately i lost my way and didn’t put in enough effort to accomplish all i set out to do.

one word – discipline. i lack.

here’s a breakdown of my 2007 resolutions and outcome. not a pretty sight.

1. get a better salary or pay raise – NOT ACHIEVED
didn’t happen. can i do something about this? possible. will i do something about it? probable.

2. improve social circle – NOT ACHIEVED
i did but not as much as i would have liked. i think it went downhill during the middle of last year. i find it very difficult to take the step to put one foot forward out the door and find a support group.

3. read more books – NOT ACHIEVED
interestingly, i believe i read more books than i did the previous year. probably due to Harry Potter. it was still a spur of the moment thing, to read when there is interest when it should be to read and build the interest.

4. learn how to fold origami, do palm reading and some cool magic tricks – NOT ACHIEVED
it was interesting and really put me in the center of attention during a chinese new year gathering of family. i loved it. i gave up after that due to laziness.

i saw a hint of myself last year between December till February. the person i was striving to become. the first steps to building a rich and wholesome lifestyle. i want that. i tasted that. but i let it go for some insane reason called lack of discipline. i need to drive out to some quiet nature spot and take time out to do some deep soul-searching. i need to come out from my shell, my comfort zone and be someone else – the me which i see the potential that i could be.

so with that, my resolution for this year.

all those neat pdf books i’ve downloaded on self-improvement needs to be digested, practiced and internalized.

from the simple act of eating healthy and making an effort to work out, my outlook needs to be improved on. a dramatic change awaits.

i sincerely believe by improving these two aspects, my projection of my ideal self will come naturally. i pray i do not succumb to the normal flow of things and degenerate to a lifeless worker bee which is as is now. i need to stick to this self discovery routine and hopefully by 2009, there is to be no emo post from me ever again. well, maybe the occasional one or two.

wish me luck. it begins.


2 Responses to "resolution 2008"

good luck.


i’ve practically missed every resolutions…but this year, i’m making sure i’ll meet it.

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