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ps2 ~ best of 2007

Posted on: January 3, 2008

i’m not surprise to find my collection of ps2 games vs dvd movies is on par with each other. well almost. i’ve so many playstation II games that i’ve hardly ever got around to complete even 1/4 of them. they’re all good picks and perhaps 10 years from now i will devote some time to play them with my kids. cross fingers.

anyway, i was browsing for the best p2 games of 2007 yesterday and came across a number of good titles to add to my collection. mostly RPG’s but that’s the genre that i enjoy. i got 5 of them today and started playing the supposedly best title this year.

Rogue Galaxy

Grim Grimoire

Odin Sphere

Persona 3

God of War II

besides the last title, the rest are super-anime cell-shaded gob-smacking lovey-dovey goodness. believe you me, they’re all outstanding games voted best this year, expected to clock in minimum 30hrs of game time each to complete. so happy i got them all before they turn obsolete. hurray for console games!


2 Responses to "ps2 ~ best of 2007"

i have played and gamed GOW2 in less than 2 days… can you believe it? i think its much easier than the 1st one. the 1st one took me nearly 2 weeks to complete.

i am not much of a gamer myself but i do enjoy a good rpg. played ff12 yet? it was super!!

oh yeah ff12. =)

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