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Posted on: January 1, 2008

prepare to be mindfucked. this is one of those movies that just comes under the radar without many people anticipating much from it but because of that, most will be in for a big surprise.

Shattered, also known as “butterfly on a wheel” for a complicated reason which i shall not delve into cause it’s really a major spoiler if i do is a thriller at heart. it’s a movie that test ones limits to perform under duress, threading precariously near the edge of desperation. in other words, an emotional joyride for you and me.

all becomes clear at the end of the movie. it’s so obvious and subtle that i didn’t catch it or expected it. sure there were hints along the way, some nagging scenes that seems out of place, kinda like watching The Sixth Sense or The Others where the plot twist is at the end. but it’s a good twist mind you.

so yes people, it’s that kind of movie and it is worth watching. just don’t expect much special effects and you’ll do fine. it’s the intense characters that makes this movie shine.


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