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wedding daze

Posted on: December 30, 2007

Jason Biggs seems to enjoy taking on those nonsensical over the top comedies and it shows in his latest movie Wedding Daze. more known for his role in American Pie, credit is due for this dude’s daringness to portray ridiculous characters which goes out of their way to embarrass themselves, totally.

i had a barrel of laughs watching this movie. it’s down to earth can happen to you kind of atmosphere makes it very enjoyable. the character Anderson played by Biggs is the same old normal goofy guy we can all relate to. comparing him to his past movies, the character he portrays are relatively the same, just different circumstance.

the leading actress Isla Fisher playing the role of Katie in this film is adorable. she pretty much has no qualms about getting down and dirty with her role. don’t get the wrong idea, what i meant is that they both have wonderful chemistry going on from start to end (they both say and do silly things which just feels so right and at the same time funny).

it takes a lot of confidence thought for a guy to just propose to a stranger on their first meet, either that or insane desperation. whatever it is, it’s kinda of romantic yeah? if the sincerity is felt. at worst it’ll work as an interesting conversation opener. would you do it?

anyway, if your looking for a good time or feel like sharing a lovey-dovey moment with your significant other, this is a downright good pick to cuddle and enjoy. it reeks of love, aww’s and giggles. what more can you ask for in a romantic comedy?


2 Responses to "wedding daze"

dude ur rat picture is SCARY. happy new yr =)

wahaha. it managed to illicit a response. wtg rat pix. HNY to you to Sam.

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