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bedroom music

Posted on: December 29, 2007

if you’ve enjoyed the music of Craig David, James Blunt, Michael Buble and John Mayer, you’ll love Shayne Ward. this absurdly good looking irish singer will take your breath away with these two bedroom tracks – “Breathless” and “No Promises”.

    You leave me breathless
    You’re everything good in my life
    You leave me breathless
    I still can’t believe that you’re mine
    You just walked out of one of my dreams
    So beautiful you’re leaving me

    I don’t wanna run away, baby you’re the one I need tonight
    No promises
    Baby, now I need to hold you tight, I just wanna die in your arms
    Here tonight

1 Response to "bedroom music"

I’ve heard him somewhere…
But I’m not sure which song I like…
Dang, now I have to search until I find it then I can be at peace..

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