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shaving me legs

Posted on: December 24, 2007

shaving is a choice and most of us practice this. i fall in the most group when it comes to shaving facially. i’ve never ventured further than that nor had any inclination to anyway. however, on this eve of christmas, 30 minutes before midnight, i made my choice and proceed to shave my legs for the very first time.

the art of leg shaving

the outcome was unexpected. they’re definitely better than before, but as my skin tone is deathly white, they could now possibly pass for a ghosts. yeah, so now i have smooth ghostly legs.

ho ho ho…Merry Christmas.


2 Responses to "shaving me legs"

-.-‘ guy shaves leg hahaha… Why? Hahaha… Suddenly shave your leg? Are you all right? Hahaha…

aiyo, laugh until like that…

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